Monday, December 6

View from the Kitchen Window

Just as I was about to sit at the kitchen table I had the feeling I was being watched! Fortunately my camera was on the table so I tried to capture the moment as best I could.

Although there seems to be signs of thawing the snow is still here. Hens continue to stay in the henhouse and we are all quite happy to remain indoors. However, Freida needed her walk and so we ventured up the lane to feed the horses. The village was so quiet!

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As we came up our drive there was lots of activity across the front lawn.

The icicles just outside the window are now beginning to thaw!

The view from the bottom of our drive gives an indication of how the weather is here.


If you look closely in the bottom left hand corner you will just be able to make out the snow on top of the patio table!


  1. It doesn't look as though the snow will be going any time soon in your neck of the woods. It still looks crunchy enough to walk on safely. I love the sky colours - winter skies are so beautiful.

  2. jabblog
    Agree about the skies - so deep and blue I didn't alter the photos either - literally just loaded straight from the camera.

  3. Lovely shots Denise. I love looking at snow scenes but hate going out in it! LOL

  4. Akelamalu
    Yes I totally agree - could look at the snow all day but find it too cold right now Freida was desperate to go out so she is sleeping away right now so I am pleased I have been out with her. She will be content for the rest of the afternoon now.

  5. I had to do a double take at Frieda's picture, she looks SO like a wolf...I thought "how did Mrs N get that shot?"...then I remembered that you are in England...der!
    Jane x

  6. Jane and Chris
    Frida ia more like a lamb than a wolf! lol! She will be thrilled to think you thought that however! Dx

  7. I was just about to say the same as Jane! Lovely blue light you get in the snow. Just fog here.

  8. Very pretty to look at but glad we don't have any right now - touch wood. :)

  9. Kath
    Yes the sky is a lovely deep blue - so so cold Just before sunset the sky was amazing - but far too cold to venture outside.

    Yes - lovely to see but I will be glad when we get back to normal

  10. What would be normal weather for you now?

  11. tpals
    Cold yes but snow - not in November. Possible Christmas flurry and snow in January but nowadays anything can happen

  12. I wonder if birds get cold feet, doesn't look like it although they look very well fed in your garden. Well until your own food runs out, LOL. Lovely snowy scenes.

  13. What such lovely pictures, I too had a double take, thought Frida was a Wolf!! Really lovely. The snow is so deep! We have a lot, but your neck of the woods looks so pretty, but it is just so cold!
    Andrea x

  14. hummmm and les brrrrr
    Lovely pics here today
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful surroundings

  15. Joy
    Dogs certainly get cold feet - Freida was lifting her paws last week - I thought she was hurt but apparantly the ice crystals get between their pads

    Hilarious - Freida the wolf!

    Thankyou so much.

  16. Hi Mrs Nesbitt! Thank you for your comment :) Well done on your weight loss so far - 11.5lbs is fab! Good luck for Wednesday, hopefully it won't be as bad as you think! Your photos are gorgeous, you live in a lovely area. Wish I had a neighbour like Roger! Sorry to hear that something happened in your teaching career. I'm set to qualify as a primary teacher next June and I'm getting very nervous! Glad you're happy doing something different though! x

  17. Lauren
    Thanks so much. Good luck with teaching - still the best job on the planet.

  18. There are some spectacular icicles about at the moment, some really long ones hanging from neighbour's guttering. You can tell who's got leaky gutters. I'm sure Freida enjoyed her walk. It's lovely when they're so content afterwards.

  19. It's so beautiful at your place and peaceful. I love it.
    My place is muddy and wet wanna change? lol

    Beautiful horses lovely birds, everything I like.
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  20. What lovely photographs, the horses look p;eased tosee you. The snow around you still looks so pristine, here it's packed down and looks grey and depressing apart from my little walk by the river. I can see why people think Frieda looks like a wolf,she's a lovely dog.


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