Monday, August 23

Kettle is on!

My first cup of the day!


When you’re feeling sad & blue
And have no clue what to do
Sit down and have a cup of tea
And a hug or two or maybe three
Feel those troubles melt away
And start you on a better day.

by Paulette, 1998 (TLC Creations)


First cup of the day tea or coffee? Mine would have to be tea, in fact 9 times out of 10 I would choose tea. I have to really be in the mood for coffee and just can not take it first thing! Over the years my tastes have changed from sweet tea, black tea, strong tea and now I am developing a taste for herbal tea. For some years Jon has been having black tea as he heard about the health benefits and although I tried it for a time I really can not say I liked it that much.

I guess the whole healthy eating issue is really big business right now, people wanting to know quite rightly where their food comes from and the effects the food process has on the environment, so I was quite impressed with the free samples which came with this month’s BBC Good Food Magazine! I hope the good earth tea bags will be available locally! Reading some of the information on their website I noticed the benefits of elderberries, this interested me as I notice the elderberries are beginning to ripen, so I would say another week before we start collecting them in.




Looking at the photograph now urges me to have another cup……so what is your preference?

For more Monday macro shots visit here


  1. Coffee first thing - then tea for the rest of the day. Any kind of tea really though I have my favourites. I'm am Earl Grey fan but I also like Lady Grey and LOVE Chai. Just discovered the absolutely wonderful Lipton's Morrocco (that Asda have already decided not to stock. I hope Tesco and Sainsbury don't follow suit!) and there's a lovely Twining's limited edition Rosepetal available at the moment.
    My absolute favourite though, and it has to be special occasions only, is Dragon Pearls. It's a green tea (read up the health benefits of that) with jasmine and it's formed into tiny balls - each one an individual long tea leaf. I buy it from a highly specialist shop and it costs me £6.50 for enough to make about 40 cups!

  2. Wow! Morning AJ! Sounds delicious - I will definately have to do some experimenting! I love the details which the packaging contains - little hints and tea stuff, hence my choice for MM!

  3. In the morning and evening absolutely tea but in the afternoon maybe some coffe. Only had tea until I turned30 or so (don't remember exactly as it was a while ago ;-) ) I never use bags at home and recently my favourites are the red teas mostly but even green ones is in my jars

  4. Have just written on another post about tea and coffee!
    I'm a tea drinker, love the smell of coffee but don't like the taste! But give me a coffee cake or coffee liqueur then it is a different story!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  5. Oh definitely tea first thing, I usually have a green tea then ordinary tea with a little milk during the day. I do have the occasionally coffee with milk. Both tea and coffee decafinated.

  6. Tea always - like landcuckoo above I like the smell of coffee but don't like the taste. For about two weeks now I haven't had 'proper' tea but herbal. My favourite at the moment is Pukka detox, not for the detox but for the flavour which is aniseed, fennel and cardamom. I like the Pukka harmonise, too - that's rose, vanilla and shatavari (Indian asparagus). I also like Earl Grey with a slice of lemon, and green and white tea served the same way. At school I always drank fruit teas because they can be drunk all the way from hot to cold.
    I love the mug you've pictured :-)

  7. Coffee in the morning. My maternal grandfather started me drinking coffee, well milk and sugar with a little coffee in it, when is was 5 or 6 years old. Over the years the sugar and milk became less and less. Now I like it dark, thick, and black. The stronger the better. In the summer, I drink iced decaf tea during the day, and in the winter I drink hot tea, usually green or herbal in the evening. Now on to elderberries. My mother gathered them and made jelly. It's delicious. Not sure the health benefits with all that sugar, but it sure tastes good with a slice of toast on those cold winter mornings. Have a wonderful Monday.

  8. For me? It's always TEA.
    [heck, this morning, I'm a poet and didn't know it!]

    Nice macro!

    My entry's here

  9. Tea! My favorite is the Queen's tea from England. I'm running low, must be time for a trip across the pond.

  10. lovely of you to pop over to my little corner of the blogosphere (and with such kind words in tow too :o)
    You look like you have your hands more than full in the garden and that we share the foragers instinct. I bought the new hedgerow book last week too :o) It's really ace and soooo enlightening!

  11. Coffee always in the morning for me. And tea in the evening to soothe my soul. Great post!

  12. Thanks a million for stopping by my blog ... enjoy the pineapple salsa!

    I'm a coffee drinker, morning, noon and night!!

    Delighted to be following you now :-}

  13. Mine is always tea first thing in the morning, in fact most of the day, I can only drink one cup of coffee a day.

  14. I wish I was a tea drinker. I love teacups, just don't seem to like tea. :)

  15. Tea for me-- any kind. oolong and jasmine are faves. Here is the url to a tea post my aussie co-blogger posted on our bookblog that you might enjoy-- has a great gift idea for tea lovers.

    Cute cup! Happy MM!

  16. How the heck did I miss YOU last week?

    Polly, put the kettle on came to mind...

    On behalf of ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG

  17. I´m a coffedrinker :)
    Lovely macros on your first cup of tea !

  18. I'm enjoying my GP Tips that came in my gift package from Mr. Toast.
    Also sent some egg cups... Very English indeed! Thanks for stopping by.


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