Monday, August 30

Current Commission

The weather has been dreadful over this Bank Holiday Weekend, so nothing new there then I hear you sigh! We did manage a blast to Whitby on Saturday, originally heading over to Scarborough as I wanted to go to Marks & Spencer’s for their special meal deal which is currently on – you know the type where 2 people can eat well for £10! We had the tank bag on the motorbike all ready to pack our purchases in but even as we headed for Whitby the skies looked black!
Just as we arrived in Whitby the heavens opened and we had quite a dramatic downpour! I say dramatic as we were under cover of the railway station roof at that point! Parking was a bit of an issue, not sure what is going on there but as the skies continued to look darker we decided the politics of the bike parking could wait until another day and we would make a dash for home.
Now normally the distance from Whitby to our house can be covered quite quickly on the motorbike – but as we just came onto the Moor Road the blackest of clouds in the distance must have noticed us and headed our way with speed! The raindrops seemed to be the size of golf balls as they hammered loudly onto our helmets! Rain thrashed against us and as it hit our leathers the cold rain found its way down our trousers and into our boots! We were drenched in the time it took us to get home!
Yesterday was no better. The weather forecast said it would get out later – but how late was the big question! 5pm and it was still high wind, mist and raining!
I decided to do some work on a current Christening Commission I have – the Christening is in September, the date we will know later this week. I always like to give my clients a couple of ideas to work with.
This first one has a more formal approach:-
Invitation 2 Front
The second one is a more relaxed approach – which do you like?
Invitation front idea 2
On the inside of the front cover is a detailed page with Harry’s birth details.
Inside front of invitation
Once the date is known I will work on the insert details and an RSVP.
I love anything like this – I was in my element! The card itself is 12cm x 12cm – just the perfect size for a christening I think! I will be in my study for quite a few days now as I am preparing work for an exhibition in October. It will be in our local village hall and will consist of individual greetings cards and my Christmas collection. I am quite excited about it. I will be taking orders for Christmas as well as selling many of my cards on the night itself. We are currently updating my website so do check it out and feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook!
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  1. whitby in the torrents we got yesterday would not be fun!

  2. Hi there hon, it rained here yesterday and I actually went out to the garden and soaked it in.. with the heat in Spain so oppressive, it felt BEAUTIFUL!!! (I should beware of what I wish for, shouldn't I?) Those cards are both beautiful, Denise, although, if pressed, I would probably opt for the latter one. You sure do keep busy, don't you? (Smile)

  3. I think I prefer the less formal one Denise - I shall now pop over to look at your website too.

  4. It was the same weather in Belgium ! rain and cold ! awful !
    I prefer the second christening card, it's cuter for a baby.

  5. I like the wording of the first one but would ask for the teddy to be on it too. 'getting christened' sounds a bit like 'getting hammered' to me, but I'm in a silly mood today. I'm sure the parents will choose what's best for them.
    Off to your website now :-)
    (word verification is FOSTIVE - almost FESTIVE)

  6. It was lovely and bright here yesterday, though there was rather a chill wind. Today has been quite lovely. :)

  7. Oh, I love the second one! I think if it were me, I would go with that, but I'd say 'hold the teddy bear'! I'm not big on too much 'cuteness'.

    We've had torrential downpours here too. There are days when I get up to get my coat to take Sid out, and the heavens open and we have to put it off for a while. At least he's not like some of our dogs, who've been convinced that if we'd only go out the back door, it wouldn't be raining on that side of the house. And then when they found that it was, they'd look at us as if it was our fault! LOL!

  8. Your work is very lovely, Denise!

  9. It's the first one for me...but they are both lovely!

  10. Wonderful card...they will be delighted!

  11. Your cards are beautiful Denise - sorry to hear you got caught in the downpour - not fun!

  12. I would say that BEING Christened sounds a lot better than GETTING Christened.


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