Saturday, August 14

Henhouse news!

Chick 187

A couple of hours ago our neighbour rushed over to tell us the latest news from the maternity unit! Mabel has successfully hatched a chick!

Chick 189

There had been a couple of disaters – but she and the chick are doing well!

Chick 192

Chick 194

Chick 188

Bev however has not been successful and so we brought her home! The trouble is the rest of the hens have forgotten who she is, so we had a touch of bullying and 4 onto 1 is not fair so she is spending the night in the goose shed now my potting shed. She is very thin, so I am feeding her up with plenty of food and water!

Chick 197

Watch this space!


  1. What a delightful creature! Well done Mabel.

  2. I guess the chick will stay at the other farm, will it? And Mabel will come home?

  3. Poor Bev!

    The chick looks cute though :-)

  4. Congratulations to the new mom!
    I hope the pecking order is soon re-established with Bev in her rightful place; chickens can be quite unjust sometimes.

  5. Glad to see one of them got a little chick. I hope the bully's will leave Bev alone and allow her to fit in again.

  6. Oh, great! So glad to see the little chick has arrived safely.Both Mabel and Beverley are gorgeous colors!

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your first chick! I well remember the day it happened to me, I was so excited that I wanted to put the birth in the Darlington and Stockton Times!

  8. Sunday morning update!
    Last night, when it was getting dark we opened the henhouse door and Bev went in - checked later and she was on the shelf with the other hens. This morning I let them out and they had breakfast. Still a bit of loud clucking but we are monitoring the whole process.


  9. Boy it has been so long since I have left blogger comment that I have had to research all my passwords!

  10. Congratulations to Mabel! And commiserations to poor Bev - better luck next time maybe.

    Hey, the word verification is hencyt - how appropriate!

  11. Welcome to the henhouse, little chickie!

  12. this chick is just so cute! my uncle used to have hens but i have never seen a chick that small in real life...

  13. Poor Bev - she's worn out from her efforts to hatch. Well done, Mabel, though. Too early to tell its gender? If it's female will you keep it? Tempting!!


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