Wednesday, September 16

Senior Moments.....the latest!

In an effort to keep myself organised and to prevent unecessary faffing about with keys, purse and mobile, I bought myself a little bag, just big enough to hold the three key items of my everyday goings on.
Jon is a key security conscious individual, I on the other hand lack the organisation required to carry out such a well defined role.
Yesterday we had to travel to Huddersfield and York re Jon's business.
"Your purse in on the kitchen table!" Jon informed me.
Great stuff! All I needed was cash/cards to buy lunch.
I was aware that I had not seen my bag for 24 hours, but I knew I had had a conversation on my mobile so I wasn't too worried.
"Have you got your phone?" Jon asked....I told him I hadn't but I wasn't worried due to the conversation thingy!

Last night, on our return home I decided to have a quick look, but found nothing!
As I let Wilma out for her evening stroll around the garden I used our home phone to ring my mobile.
In the dark, on the patio I could hear it ringing, so I toddled off to bed, somewhat reassured.

This morning as I was sorting the general everyday doings of the Nesbitt household I went in search of my mobile, assuming it was in the pick up.....
but I couldn't find the keys.
I phoned Jon at the workshop and asked him if he had noticed the pick up had been left unlocked, locked it not knowing my bag was inside containing keys & phone.
"Quite possibly!" Was his reply.
We have spare keys so using these I unlocked the pick up and had a good search!

Came back into house & called my mobile from the house phone.
Once again I could hear it.
I walked round the house, drive and finally the garden.
There was the sound coming loud and clear......from the area next to the chickens!

I followed the sound and sure enough, there in the branches of the sycamore was my bag containig my phone and keys.
I remembered, on coming home Mabel, the wayward hen had escaped and I had gone over to urge her back to the safety of the chicken run!
Putting my bag in a safe place to allow me to deal with the situation!

All is well!
Another typical day in the Nesbitt household, where, it doesn't matter if you are crazy but it sure helps you fit in with everone else!


  1. "I bought myself a little bad"; don't think that's what you meant. in any case, i ALWAYS lose my keys. I have 2 house keys on two different chains, plus a 3rd for emergencies and a 4th hidden outdoors.

  2. Ahem! Thanks Roger, have corrected the word, am sure you understand, byself being blonde and all that ! lol!

  3. Been there, done that......
    Now where is that mobile??!!

  4. You gave me a chuckle. Its always nice to know other people do silly things like me. Must admit though I'm paranoid about always knowing where my wallet is.

  5. Angie,
    Mobile is in the bag, on the kitchen table! lol!

    I am not alone then! Such good news. However I think it is rubbing off on others here...the hens are on the roof of the goose hut! lol!

  6. Caught up with your new Blog! Like you, I've gone down the "little bag across the body like school satchel" route. I got so fed up with rummaging in a big bag, unzipping all the little pockets, searching for keys or phone. Downsizing has been a revelation! Kath x

  7. Kath,
    Great to see you here!
    I dont do big bags now....the more I have room for the more I can lose! lol!

  8. Ah yes, when I lose things, I always find them in a 'safe place' :)

  9. I keep an emergency bag containing all the essentials in case I get stuck up the creek without a paddle on my travels, but simple is best when it comes to the rule of three!

    Lv. Mrs.G.H

  10. And at long last I can post on your blog, I was beginning to think I was on another planet. Was up near Whitby on hols last week after harvest - glorious area, no wonder you love it. Mrs.GH.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog. It was the old Brookville Daily Photo blog where you were.

    Yes, the envelope shows our address.

  12. I mislaid my phone a few weeks ago and when I rang the number I found it in the garden - sopping wet because it had been out there all night in the pouring rain! It doesn't seem to have done it any harm thank goodness. :)

  13. I'm a bit confused - did the hens pick up your bag and drop it in the tree?

  14. Helena..
    Safe place? Yes I once lost a camera cos it was in such a place. Discovered it nearly a year later, just after I had bought a new one!

    Mrs GH
    Oh yes Whitby! Awesome place, try to get there at least once a fortnight.

    Watch this space!

    Hubby's mobile got wet during our visit to France and hasn't worked properly since, you were lucky!

    lol, One of the hens, Mabel had escaped so I put my bag "in a safe place" whilst I encouraged her to get on the right side of the fence!

  15. Because I am very absent minded I built up for myself a routine of where I keep everything a long while ago. Living in the same house all these years and keeping pretty well the same routine, it worked -- that is until my husband retired!! He would see my things somewhere he was sure I would have forgotten and move them for me to what he thinks is a more prominent place!
    After a few adjustments he learned I really meant it when I said "Don't touch my stuff!!"
    Now peace reigns.


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