Monday, September 28

ABC ...K is for...Kerplung!

Looking upwards from the ground to the Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough on Sunday!

This is Lisa, the daughter in law of our good friends Dorothy and Keith Askew.
On Sinday Lisa did a bungy jump to raise funds for MacMillan Nurses.
We went along to support her!

Well life is certainly very busy in the Nesbitt household.
Just returned from a visit to Huddersfield re Jon's business and are up early tomorrow to travel down to Liverpool for another meeting.
On Friday I am travelling over to Darlington re Jon's business again.
meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am making prearations for a trade stand in Bradford on October 18th as well as organising a Wedding Fayre for the following weekend.
I am currently preparing samples for a wedding commission, my first booking for 2010, january 21st so things need to be kicked into action. I am also doing the flowers too! I am just ordering some dried flowers for this so watch this space.
Oh and there are 90 place cards and 55 orders of service to make by next weekend!
Lots to keep me out of mischief! lol!


  1. Makes me dizzy just looking at the photos - hope she raised lots of money!

  2. Was she jumping from the Transporter Bridge?

  3. She is brave and wonderful for doing the jump to raise money! I cannot imagine doing that.

  4. That is a very adventurous thing to do! But a very worthy cause :-)

  5. Never a dull moment. Could you change my url too please, Mrs. N?

  6. Oh my goodness, you sound busy! Good luck with the trade show.

    I have memories of going over the transporter bridge when I was little ~ my parents are from Middlesbrough.

    Have a good week.

    Marie x

  7. That a very high bridge, I sure to chicken out!

  8. Wow, that is brave! And what an excellent cause too. Well done to Lisa.

    CJ xx

  9. I just couldn't do that! She was really brave. I love the patterns made by the bridge girders.

  10. Still the busy lady! Bungee jumping will be forever out of my league. Couldn't possibly trust anything man made with that kind of a plunge!

  11. Great photographs of a very familiar landmark! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.


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