Thursday, September 17

Coming Home!

This was the view from our cabin window as we returned home from France.
Judging by the sunset, it was taken just as we were approaching the North East Coast.
As we travelled up the coast it was really great to pick out landmarks surrounding our area.

Like so many people although I love travelling and touring, the journey home is always the best.

We did have a great time, a proper adventure which is just the way we like to do holidays. We can not plan the weather or routes, we just go with what we find.

It is good too, that we both have the same attitude.
Jon and I share so much of our life together and as we travelled home I was thinking about the new projects which were waiting for us back at home.
This filled me with excitement and a buzz!and true appreciation of a happy marriage.

When I first met you,
I knew that I had come at last home.
Home after wandering,
Home after long-puzzled searching,
Home after long being wind-born,
Wave-tossed, night-caught, long being lost.
And being with you was normal and needful
And natural as sleeping or waking.
And I was myself,
Who had never been wholly myself.
I was walking and talking
And laughing easily at last.
And the air was softer,
And sounds were sharper,
And colours were brighter,
And the sky was higher,
And length was not measured by milestones,
And time was not measured by clocks.
And this end was a beginning,
And these words are the beginning -
Of my thanks.

A.S.J. Tessimond

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  1. Although this is not the meaning behind them, these words could apply to my time living in the North East of England. (Still miss it!)

  2. I know the feeling of nearing home - those skies are beautiful!

  3. You had a lovely sky to return to. I like the way you travel - I think it is way more fun than having to follow a program.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful journey!

  5. the journey home is always the best --- sometimes i forget this, thanks for the reminder.

  6. Nice sunset. I agree with all the travels being an adventure, yet coming home so good. What a beautiful tribute to your Jon.

  7. Wonderful verse and photo! It sounds like you have a lovely time all the time.

  8. Beautiful sunset over the water!

  9. It looks like the light is dancing on the water.

  10. Lovely view for a welcoming homecoming, the colours are fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.

  11. Lovely shot and words. I feel the same way to both travelling home and happy marriage.


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