Saturday, September 19

A Poem! By Moi!

Saltburn by the Sea

I often take wilma a few miles up the road to Saltburn beach, a place we often went when I was a child. I have many many happy memories of building sandcastles whilst mum and Antie Dot sat and chatted about everything and nothing!

I have joined in with another writing project which I heard of via one of my blogging friends, Weaver of Grass. Full credit for the idea belongs to this chap
This morning I read Weaver's excellent poem with the title of "My Home Town! This got me thinking about what I would write, so this afternoon when we went out on the motorbike to Whitby I started playing around with some words. Arriving home I continued to think about it as i cleared out the henshouse, put the hens to bed and finally put Jo into his shed.

Hope you like it!

Childhood spent in street house with a yard out the back

twas a little palace for nothing did I lack

The hills were our playground for hours would we roam

and as the sun began to set we’d make our way back home

For hours on my roller-skates I’d skate near the chippy

this was the 60’s you see our neighbour was a hippy!

Carol was her name, her sewing skills deserve merits

Eric was her new husband and in his yard kept ferrets!

I remember one occasion a bit hard up perchance

she whipped down the curtains and made a dress for a dance!

For family outings we’d head down to the sea

we’d have egg tomato sandwiches, Mum, Auntie Dot and me.

We’d go for little outings when Uncle Moss bought a car

it was an Austin 30 but we didn’t go too far!

You see seconds away was the countryside

and through the leafy lanes our little car would glide

The memories still linger my family sadly gone

but the same love of nature I now share with hubby Jon

Not in an Austin A30 do we travel on our tours

but on a blue motorbike we tootle over the moors.

The love I have of nature, the countryside and sea

bring back my childhood memories a good thing, you must agree!


  1. It be bein a fine poem, dam yer eyes!

    (Today be bein Talk Like A Pirate Day an I be talkin likes a pirate awl day.
    So be my crew ov Beary Pirate cutlasses, arrrrrrr!
    Be yu a joinin in, or be yu swabbin the deks?)


  2. love the poem denise it is so true for my life too that things happen around a place that is special..........walks to the beach picnics and such like.........these carry on with good friends like yourself, love

  3. Oh yes, I agree! I can smell the sea, sand, seaweed and salt. Our childhoods must have been quite similar -- only a little further down the coast.

  4. A lovely bittersweet gentle trip,Mrs Nesbitt, up and down and then up again , like rolling hills.And a bit of humour thrown in for good measure, a pleasure to read it.Charming.Thanks a million for joining in and well done -more next week?

  5. What a lovely poem and a lovely day. I'm glad you stumbled upon my spot and hope you drop by again sometime!

  6. I do agree! Lovely imagery! Thanks, Mrs. Nesbitt. (BTW, my sister is also a 'Mrs. Nesbitt.' Small world, huh?)

  7. Ha ha - excellent stuff. Made me think about the endless bus journeys we used to go on as kids when we went on holiday.

    Thanks for visiting - blimey you have a lot of blogs!

  8. lovely - full of interesting little bits - the curtain dress, the ferrets in the garden, a lively time...

  9. Auntie Dot and the rhyme of "merits" with "ferrets" did it for me! Really enjoyed this.

  10. ferrets!.. it's a winner! Really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing :-)


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