Tuesday, September 15

ABC Wednesday....I!

Eventually I will get everything sorted here on my new blog!
I was talking with my best friend Maria this morning and was telling her all about the problems I was having with my previous blog! Thing is, my blog is a place where I ramble on, just like Maria and I do when we get together, even pausing for air now and again. But my previous blog would not let me everything was all jumbled up and not clear, so after I had rambled I then had to edit, justify etc etc and this annoyed me, because when I had done everything Blogger wouldn't carry out my corections. Imagine rambling on to a friend then saying, hang on, I can improve that last sentence, or oh was that correctly put? Well enough is enough! This is my new blog and I am so pleased to be here!

ABC Wednesday, a wonderful opportunity to share my new very own space! lol!

I is for.....Innovation!

One of the really exciting aspects of my wedding stationery business is the constant challenges I find being asked of me.
Recently Katie and Andrew asked me to design and make a seating plan which would have the WOW factor! Well here is the result!

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The responses I received at the Evening Reception certainly encouraged me to develop this into another service I can offer and indeed I have designed 3 more to be launched at the next Wedding Fayre I will be exhibiting at on October 18th!

Watch this space!


  1. Innovative you certainly are - so good luck with the new designs!

  2. Oh, yes, wishing you much good luck! Thanks for the ABC fun!


  3. This looks like a really successful innovation, - best of luck.

  4. Terrific innovations and perfect post.

  5. innovation and invention are inevitable

  6. From place to space
    We will always find you

  7. The indomitable Denise would be my choice this week. New blog looks good, fingers crossed it behaves.

  8. I hope your new home works out OK for you :-)

  9. Hi Denise,
    Innovation is a great "thing"and you are making the best of all weddeings I suppose? Great post and Thanks:)
    Greetings JoAnn/Holland
    I join ABC wednesday

  10. I am so IMPRESSED with your INNOVATIONS! I'm just going to post my I now, so do pop by.

  11. I was astounded at your previous post.
    What a terrible event --not even a tragedy --just a massacre.
    How terrible.

    This post with the wedding stationery is in quite a different mood
    and very lovely
    Greetings from NY

  12. It is good for me that I picked today to pop in for a visit.
    I like you new site!

  13. Innovative is certainly your middle name, Denise! Great post.

  14. No wonder you are so busy with your new business, Denise--you are very creative...and Ingenious!

  15. It's a WOW indeed! you're one creative person.

  16. Very elegant and beautiful innovation, Mrs Nesbitt.

  17. Your seating plan is certainly innovative! And very pretty, too!

    Congrats on expanding your business. :)

  18. Very interesting and appropriate seating plan - Innovative Indeed!

  19. Ideal innovation to add to your wedding invitation business!
    Thank you for hosting this fun meme.


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