Thursday, January 26

Thursday 26th January


Meet Anne and Glyn.

Anne and Glyn have lived in the village for a year now. When the previous neighbours moved out and I saw that the new people had moved in I took a welcome card to give to them. Glyn was on the drive and said that his wife was in the house and I should go and introduce myself, which I did. It turns out Anne and I have known each other from over 20 years ago when I was doing my wedding stationery and Anne had a shop selling fascinators and hats so we would meet up at various networking events and wedding fayres.

It has been great to have good neighbours we had the neighbours from Hell for a couple of years but thank goodness they moved - they lived next door to Anne and Glyn! When Anne and Glyn first moved in and we realised we knew each other I didn't mention the neighbour from hell - a week or so after they moved in Anne invited me for a cuppa. As I walked over the threshold Anne said "Right, tell me about him next door!" Yes within their first few days he had caused problems - but as I said they have moved now no doubt causing problems!

Meet Shirley

I have known Shirley for years - we met at pottery class. It was just a flash in the pan for me - pottery but Shirley still goes and has produced some amazing pots. Shirley and her family moved here again just over a year ago. 

It will be great when we get back to the busy village hall events - just waiting for the AGM and we can get things moving!


  1. You sound like a lovely neighbour. Moving house is always a gamble. The house may be perfect but awful neighbours can ruin everything.

  2. we are getting some new neighbours. Our old neighbours are moving due to problems with one set of neighbours!! Finding good neighbours can be as difficult as finding hens teeth!!


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