Thursday, February 2

Thursday 2nd February!

 Well it has been a week since I wrote anything here - yet again my plans down - so I WAS planning to write something every day and it just hasn't happened. I had the bright idea today to recap on January so I looked through my photos on my phone and felt I hadn't really taken many so now I am going to make sure I have take more photos to remind me what an interesting life I have! 

Our rescued hen Agnes continues to do well. This afternoon I let her have a snack whilst I cleaned out her shed. 

We got our new settee a few years ago vowing to keep it dog free!

I am 13 weeks at my Slimming World target. Quiches are a fabulous meal - this one I made yesterday (Wednesday) 5 eggs beaten up with a tub of fat free cottage cheese. I added cooked mushrooms, spring onions, celery, a tin of chopped lean ham and lots of peppers. Absolutely awesome! Discovered some jalapeno pepper essence and it certainly gave it a kick!

We had a tootle over to Whitby on  Monday - it was very quiet but very cold. Must make a note not to go on a Monday as quite a few of the shops were closed.

Had to laugh when Jon put the shopping away - spring onions and brussel sprouts in the fruit bowl lol! We do have lots of fruit though and it's good to see we actually eat it all and none end up being thrown out.

Yes - no dogs on the settee!

We have been to the beach but not as much as we should! This is on our doorstep and is a proper hidden gem.

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  1. Your dogs certainly look comfortable. It's hard not to let them get up on the sofa. Our dog is a small terrier though, so there's still room for at least one of us.


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