Tuesday, January 24

24th January

Tuesday - Zumba first thing with the gals. I drove this week so Anne and I travelled in together, meeting Jacky and Sharon there. I must admit I am getting "into" zumba as I become more familiar with the moves. Easington is a relatively new class, just a couple of miles away new faces too. Class is an hour with a period set aside for toning. Must admit I ached after last night's session - as did Anne so I am hoping it is doing some good. Last Friday I went to Walking Football. I hadn't been for quite a while following an injury I sustained during a session. It was quite severe and I had to go to physiotherapy for a few sessions, at my own expense. I had attended the sessions from day 1, encouraging others to go too - I was even instrumental in a bit of match making! (Still going strong and gloriously happy I add too!) As the group has grown and developed the pace of the game has increased as has the speed of the balls etc. I think my confidence and strength has decreased and I am thinking about not going for a while, sticking to zumba instead! Yes there were new faces there but with no proper introductions not many knew me. Let's see. When I was a Member Pioneer for the Co-op one thing I did learn was the roles we play when doing any community initiative/project. One important role is that of a "connector." We don't have to organise, manage and attend everything that comes along but we can "connect" I look at the people who I connected with and introduced to Walking Football, it now being an important part of their social life and I am happy with the part I played. They have grown and developed over the past year whilst I took time out. Maybes accept and move on Denise? Tuesday is also Slimming World and that means weigh in. I am 11 weeks into my target and let's just see what the scales say! Looking back at some photos I can see the difference and will continue with the regime! Chilli featured heavily this week due to a culinary incident in the kitchen. The good thing however is Jon is enjoying chilli soup!

Photos below 1993? 1996, 2002, the last one is me last Christmas.


  1. My goodness, you're busy. Those are great ways to meet people and get fit at the same time. I'm good at the theory - not so good at the practice.

  2. wow what a difference, you have done very well. Never tried Zumba.....


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