Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday 26th January

Everybody needs a Brenda!

 This is my friend Brenda. Many years ago I taught her nephew and when Jon was looking for somebody to sweep up at the workshop I suggested Chris. He swept up for Jon for over 5 years and when he applied for college Jon wrote him a reference.

We kept in touch with him long after he left college and often helped out in the workshop or with any projects Jon had on the go even though he was working fulltime. The family never forgot and so when his auntie moved to the area from West Yorkshire she made friends on Facebook and became a regular visitor at the workshop at a time when we were moving premises. Brenda became a great friend and I introduced her to Kitchen Therapy and Walking Footblall, she also loved helping out at the village hall.

Last year we were going away and she offered to look after our house, in particular to look after the dogs. Brenda not only kept all the dogs happy she hoovered every day and power-washed the patio!

This photo was taken over Christmas when we went for supper and drinks with Jacky and Keith. Anne and Glyn also went - Brenda is so kind and offered to taxi us all. Everybody needs a Brenda - but she's ours!


  1. Everyone needs a Brenda, but not everyone deserves one. You and Jon do. Lovely story.

  2. A Brenda is a rare and precious person. You are fortunate to have one.


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