Wednesday, November 9


I daren't show a photograph of my desk right now - well you would not be able to see it in any case. It is absolutely piled high with paper, card, fabrics - infact you name it - it will be somewhere in the pile.
Tomorrow night I start my Handmade Christmas Workshop over the road in our village hall.

"A weekly get together to prepare for Christmas. Over the weeks leading to Christmas we will make Personalised Christmas Cards, Table Decorations, Christmas Crackers, Fun hats, Wreaths, Decorations to name but a few. The night will be a funtime but together we will tackle the task of Christmas Preparation in a cost effective and fun way. "

I have posted a few flyers in the village and amongst my friends - it looks as though there will be about 20 of us, each Thursday night....well let's face it, I am not all that busy am I? lol!

Watch this space!


  1. Oh I do wish I was near enough to come Denise.

  2. Weaver
    So do I! So do I! Will e-mail you the worksheets I produce.

    Will be I'm sure - especially as Jill is coming - we will have fun!

  3. Sounds like so much fun.... I want to come.
    Be sure to post photos !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I'd love to have a go at making my own Christmas cards. Please share your ideas and inspiration!

  5. I would be useless at crafts, but would LOVE to join in just for the fun social time! :D

  6. I'm with Dan!

    Please share your ideas!

  7. oh that would be so good to get me in the spirit, wish we lived close enough for me to pop by!

  8. I am so looking forward to the workshop Denise we are going to have such fun.Love Jill xx

  9. That sounds like it could be a fun thing to do; and a get together as well, village gossip at its best, lol.

    Enjoy yourself.
    CJ xx

  10. lol your desk sounds like mine, organised chaos I like to call it :-) Have a fab night creating cards.

  11. As I said on Facebook, I wish I lived closer!

  12. Sounds great fun - I'd be there in a shot if I didn't live miles and miles and miles away.

    Have a great time

  13. If that button is right, then I'm a genius ;-)


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