Sunday, November 6

A short walkies to our village church!

One of my friends took me out for lunch on Thursday - so on our return to our village we walked it off! Just over the road from our house is the lane down to church.

I will be using lots of thes greenery in the Christmas Wreaths we will be making at my Handmade Christmas workshops.

Again, the red berries will look fantastic in a wreath.

St. Michael's is a lovely church.

As we left the churchyard the sky was looking rather fierce,indeed, by the time we returned home it was raining - a close shave!


  1. What a lovely stroll to walk off your lunch. That little church is very pretty.

  2. You do live in a lovely part of the country Denise. :)

  3. I enjoyed my walk with your Denise!

  4. What a lovely village church! Do you attend? Glad you missed the rain.

  5. Perfect timing, and what a lovely walk!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. I am slowly visiting some of your blogs- rapt by Shrink Wrapped Scream- you obviously have the same impeccable taste in virtual things as you do in kitchens and walks!

  7. Such a beautiful part of the country -- what can I say? I'm just biased. Freida is looking good and the little church is somewhere I'd love to visit.

  8. Lovely walk with a very happy walking companion. You do live in a Beautiful place.
    I hope we will get to see what you make with the greenery.

    Can you take a photo inside the church ? it is a lovely church from the outside.

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Enjoyed that, Denise. The church is how all churches should be, old and traditional and full of atmosphere. So much nicer than the modern buildings.

  10. Hi Denise, lovely pics, like the one of freidas bum! The berries pics are quite striking, almost as if I pick one off my screen. The church looks Saxon, is that so? You'll have to get Cherrypie on the case, as she seems to be the unofficial blog Historian.
    Hope all is well with you and my God Daughter is 'laying' dutifully, in time for the Christmas cake making..Lol...Di.xx

  11. What beautiful countryside, and a lovely church. I hope you will share some pictures of your Christmas wreaths too!

  12. What a beautiful walk! I’ve started looking at getting myself some bits to make a wreath for Christmas.
    Lou xxx


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