Sunday, July 31

Away from it all!

We have both been busy of late - what with fires and DIY but Jon in particular has been clocking up the hours at the workshop - all part and parcel of being in business - 17 years next month - so he must be doing something right! Now and again he has to work weekends, this being one. Yesterday he worked throughout the day - I busied myself in the garden - weeding! Today he worked until noon, again I worked in the garden and cooked.
We had a few hours to spare so we headed out on the motorbike. Whitby first then a tootle over the moors.
It is where I do my thinking, on the back of the motorbike......and I realised that as the kitchen units are being delivered on 26th August, plasterer is booked week commencing 29th August - there is nothing more I can do in the kitchen! A bit of packing - but I may as well focus on the garden, on everyday stuff and remember we are going to France the first week in September!
Then......when we return Action!
But till then............Garden!
Sounds a good plan!


  1. Focusing on the garden is a good plan :-)

  2. "..a tootle over the moors." I love that! Get your R&R, coz you're gonna need it when the kitchen gets going!

  3. Yes, the garden is a good plan. No sense trying to do anything when the time isn't right!

  4. Busy lady! I expect the moors were in full bloom by now. I've been 'tootling' over to my son's house to look after their cats. It's a half hour over there and another half back, and an hour there, every three days. They'll be back on Thursday and I'll be happy not have to keep driving over there.

  5. Love the sheep.
    Maybe he would like to nibble on your weed free garden ?

    cheers, parsnip

  6. It's good to get away from it all. You have a LOT going on.

  7. I'm SO jealous - new kitchen, the moors on the back of a motor bike and France in Sept. Ah well, patience is a virtue they say, so I will be patient and all will come in its time. Glad you had a great day! :D

  8. Sounds like a great plan! I can't believe were both going to be in France in august, but at different times-where are you going?

  9. Eeh it's all go with you Nesbitt's!
    I think I've burned myself out and am going slower and slower LOL

  10. Always good to have plan, especially if you stick to it!! Loving the sheep picture.

    CJ xx

  11. Love this pic - I'm new to yourblg but I'm really enjoying it. It looks so lovely where you are.


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