Saturday, May 7



My diet seems to be back on track, with last weeks determined efforts bringing a 2.5lb weigh loss. I had a couple of weeks which were not particular good ones – a few fish and chip episodes did not help and there was the wonderful day of feasting with friends – so I had to get back on track. I am eating lots of healthy salads, boiled eggs from our lovely girls and lean meat. I have also been experimenting with Quarn chicken style fillets – just sprinkling lemon juice, chilli, pepper and salt onto them – quite delicious. I am back at a stone loss so I need to keep focussed as I go into the next phase of losing another half stone before we go away to the Isle og Man on June 4th. This is achievable – to lose 7lb!

I don’t like to go on too much about “The diet” as I try to be a woman of my word – but by saying I WILL lose 7lb by June 4th means I think I can – well put it this way – I bloody well will!

Watch this space!


  1. Good luck with the diet. x

  2. You are brave to publish your successes [and stumbles] on the blog. I do hope you achieve your target - and don't beat yourself up about the occasional chip!

    btw thanks for comment on my blog re midriff moths- I hadnt considered that the bike leathers might be part of the problem

    blessings x

  3. Angela - I use my blog as a target setter really - I am determined to do this, hence the statement eh? Thanks so much. x

  4. Well done - and of course you will do it:-)

  5. Victoria and Jabblog
    Thanks so much x

  6. I have said this to others but, I admire anyone with such determination!
    Jane x

  7. You'll do it and more ... 7 lbs isn't too high a target. Good luck.

  8. Are you doing anything else, exercising, cutting out certain food groups? Or is it just controlling the amount of food you eat, and eating sensibly? I'd like to lose seven pounds in the next twelve days but think it too much and highly unlikely battling against weight increasing drugs I have to take, including steroids. But a woman can dream.... good for you being determined.

  9. I just plain give up! So I admire you for persevering. Will you be seeing Carol? If so, give her a hug from me. :D

  10. Such determination! I would have thought with all the work you do you wouldn't need to lose a pound -- but then I think of all that fabulous cooking you do... and fish and chips... who could resist!

  11. I've completely lost the plot when it comes to dieting. I am off this week to buy some bigger trousers and to Hell with it!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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