Saturday, May 14

And the next room is......

The Lounge!
This is the lounge at the moment - very untidy as it is where we have just dumped a lot of the furniture etc from other parts of the house. We have moved the furniture so the view is the back garden rather than the fireplace. Originally this part of the room was the dining area...


but the dining area will be at the front of the room. The doors at the right hand side of the picture look out onto the garden and it is still a bright room. The curtains need  hemming which we will work out more accurately when the carpet is down.



We have a large expanse of wall which we are working on next.

The fireplace has been removed. This is not a wall with a chimney - only a flu for a gas fire. We had constant problems with the gas, bottled type as we do not have mains gas in the village.
We are going to have a wall mounted modern electric coal effect fire and Jon will build a false chimney breast to give the room a feature, bookshelves etc will then be planned for the recess.
The laminate floor is being replaced with a carpet. The laminate has been down for 12 years but we really want a carpet. The noise from the floor - ie 2 german shepherds tip tapping across the room of a nightime does become rather tedious. 
We will be drawing up our plans later this week and then work will commence. 

We will also be ordering the Rayburn which will look something like this - but ours will have a flu. Colour is Aqua - I think it will match the colour scheme going on throughout downatairs.

So - back to work! Watch this space.


  1. It is all going to look very posh!
    I love the colour of the proposed Rayburn.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Oh Denise, I LOVE that Rayburn. After all the hard work, you and Jon will be living in a palace!

  3. Bet you can't wait for the Rayburn to be up and functioning?
    Love the colour too!

    Sandie xx

  4. You must be really pleased that everyting is coming together and looking gorgeous!
    Jane x

  5. It's all happening in your house, Denise. Puts me to shame. I'd love to have that Rayburn, wonder if hubs would agree.

  6. So many plans, how exciting!

  7. Lovely color scheme and wonderful ideas.
    but, won't carpet be a bear to keep clean with 8 muddy puppy feet plus 4 human feet tracking fall and winter mud and gunk everywhere ?

    I am not sure what a Rayburn is ? looks like a stove ? so I am off to google it.
    This is different one from the one in your kitchen right?

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Oh have fun, I hope it doesn't get too overwhelming and you can keep your eye on the finished gorgeous effect...I hate these projects but they are so rewarding at the other end. Love my Rayburn, so enjoy yours.Posie

  9. Wow it is all moving forward at speed. Hopefully I will find the time to come and see it soon. I have been hiding from the world

  10. You are doing a great job. I think things look so cozy.

    We have laminate-and wish we didn't for the same reason.

  11. The snug looks, well, snug :)
    And now you're off again! No rest for the wicked, eh ? It all sounds great. Mo

  12. You should consider a multi fuel stove for the lounge, we have used logs mainly but if we need it kept in just shove some anthracite on!! Very toasty!!!

  13. Lovely! All your work is coming along nicely. Still jealous of the Rayburn.

  14. You're really getting going on this now!! A lot of work but will definitely be worth it in the end.

    CJ xx


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