Tuesday, May 31

T is for tension, Take That and TT!

It seems ages since I was last here TWITTERING on but we are without internet access in our village and have been for the past few days. It is affecting those of us who use BT Broadband - AOL, Virgin users are not affected so I am using a local cafe's internet facility to catch up here, and more importantly to see what everybody else has been up to.
I can tell you, there has certainly been Tension in the household - the BT problem occurred as we were making our very first sale on Ebay!!! However, I was pleased to see the Aga go to a new home in Hull. A lady had wanted an Aga for years and being the good chap he was, her husband had the winning big on ours. Last night (Monday) he drove up from Hull, together with a trailer to take our beloved Aga to it new home. Yes I was emotional, yes I cried but felt reassured that it would be looked after in the new home. It has been part of our family for 20 years, in fact we bought it during the very first months of moving to our current home so the kitchen seems very strange without it.
I am sure the picture of an Aga is somewhat rose-tinted against the harsh reality of seeing one dismantled, lying in various piles around the kitchen, not to mention the dust and soot. It was all nicely cleaned and hoovered ready for the collection, nearly at the cost of a vacuum cleaner I can tell you! The Aga is packed with an insulating material which looks like grit - certainly of the same size and consistency - but there was tons of the stuff packed around the internal workings - which, to cut a story short managed to escape from the cleaner and distribute themselves around the kitchen - the dust cloud was like something from a science fiction movie and it didn't help my sore throat! Why a sore throat......well on Saturday I had been singing along at the TAKE THAT concert in Sunderland! It was TERRIFIC I can tell you, we had the TIME of our lives.

I think I have just recovered - in TIME to prepare for our annual TRIP over to the Isle of Man TT on Saturday. The arrangements are all made, ferry and hotel booked, Elsie, Freida and Ella booked into their various places of luxury accommodation and neighbours looking after hens.
We are away for 8 days and I am sure we will have a fun time! It will be a good break from the work we have been doing - and indeed on our return the work will resume - talking of resuming work - I guess it is time for me to return home and chisel away at more TILES! The joy of DIY eh?
Watch this space - not sure when I will be back - but as TAKE THAT said - when I am back, I hope I will be Back for Good! lol!
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  1. Have a lovely holiday and come back refreshed and raring to go again.

  2. There's certainly a lot of T words in your life at the moment. I'm glad Take That lived up to expectations and it goes without saying that the TT will. Have great time, hope the weather is glorious.

  3. I've gotten very used to having Internet connectivity, and when i don't, i feel TENSE!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I thought about you at the Take That concert!!

    We met a friend in Leyburn this morning we is all ready to go off to the TT - with his motor bike - have a lovely time.

  5. Jabblog, Valerie, Roger and Pat
    Thanks so much - yes time for TT again - am really looking forward to the break I can tell you.
    Missing you all - will catch up when I get back.

  6. Be sure to say Hi to Carol for me when you're away. And I wish you had a photo of the Aga all in disassemble! Have fun and hope you're able to relate something while you're away!

  7. Glad the Aga has gone to a good home.

    Annoying about the Internet and the eBay sale.
    Hope all is restored before too long.

    Theres nothing like a good sing to put things right.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Have a great time Denise. We're off to Wales on Friday for a week.

  9. My younger daughter was at that concert and really enjoyed it. A friend of mine has taken her bike over to the Isle of Man this week for the races. Small world. :)

  10. Have a great time at TT races - it will help you recover from your aga saga! I heard take that were fab - glad u enjoyed it!

  11. You lucky, lucky girl .......... an evening with those boys .......... it must have been an experience. Have a lovely break. x

  12. It's amazing how time and culture can change so quickly. Five years ago, even, we wouldn't be placed so 'out of sorts' on losing cable and wifi and now we are!

  13. Have a wonderful time of rest and enjoyment Denise. You deserve it after all the DIY things and the emotional AGA story.
    Come back when you can and I hope the internet cooperates for you.

  14. The internet has become such an integral part of our lives these days and when something goes wrong with it -- something seems to go wrong with everything else as well!! Hope you have a great break, enjoy every minute and hopefully Sir Internet will be more gallant when you return!

    ABC Team

  15. Nothing like live music! Are your ears still ringing, and did you remember all the words?!
    Jane x

  16. Happy trippin' - see you when you return!

  17. Just the other day I posted a little bit about life without the internet. We were told, on Sunday, we wouldn't get it back until Wednesday. Then, I guess other people phoned to complain, because it was working later that same day. Whew!
    I hope your throat is better for your trip to the Isle of Man. A family friend was living there when we all visited England in '96 (Mother, Dad and offspring, plus spouses) but he met us in Morecambe, so we didn't get to go over to visit him.
    I don't think I've ever been emotional about a household appliance, but my parents had some cast-iron wood-burning stoves of which we were all very fond, and I still miss them sometimes.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

    PS — My verification word here is "publy" which isn't a real word, but, if it were, I'm sure it would be used to describe life in Britain, as in "a very publy place"!

  18. Taking time out tends to tranquilize the tensions and traumas of turbulent events. Enjoy your break!

  19. Have a lovely trip and a break from DIY.
    Happy the chickens have a sitter... made me smile to imagine that.
    When I board my Scotties, they get "cuddle time" the staff comes in and sits down with The Boys" and they get lots of pets, and told how very sweet and smart they are. Spoiled is more like it !
    Needless to say any time I take them there they can't get in there fast enough. I'm all sad and they are happy happy happy. The resort also has a doggy bone shaped pool.

    Hope to see some photos from the Isle Of Man. I have never been there so very interested.

    cheers, parsnip

  20. This photo looks like something that would be at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.

  21. The isle of Man, wow, have a nice holiday !

  22. I hope you have a great holiday :-)

  23. Have fun at the TT, it will be a nice break. They have promised us good weather over on this side of the Pennines.

  24. Hi Denise. Hope you have a great holiday. Thanks for the offer of fabric for my patchwork, I would indeed be interested in any you have. I haven't had a chance to look through your blog properly yet, but will be as soon as I've posted this comment :-)

  25. Hi,
    Please note: I had to sign in via Gmail and that account goes nowhere; it's strictly so I can comment. PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT LL THE +WAY THrough b/c I need bloggers' help and as a an Ebayer I think you'll UNDERSTAND. (Congrats on ur 1st Ebay sale and despite broadband probs! Hope you enjoyed a fantastic trip!

    I have posted on "SoulCrayons" blog as "Gel" for ABC team, but not in several months b/c I took a bogging hiatus. You have kindly visited me and seen how I incorporate my photos or artwork into a ABC post. I LOVE ABC WED! :)

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  26. Welcome home Denise and Jon, Sam says to tell you "hi"! Hope you had a safe and fun journey back, and feel ready to tackle the house again? It was such fun to catch up with you again, and thanks for giving a certain lad one of the best day's of his life! ((x))

    Roll on next year, eh?


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