Tuesday, May 3


A whole week since i last rambled here – but believe me we have been busy!
The Royal Wedding – I even put the flag out for the binmen! lol! (refuse collectors to our US friends!) The local council worked as normal so I gave them a couple of my sandwiches made specially for the day. Salmon & Cucumber and Roast Beef & Horseradish. Some neighbours popped in and we had Pimms & lemonade – how sophisticated I hear you comment! I thought the whole event was quite spectacular!

On Saturday we had the perfect excuse for a tootle over the Yorkshire Dales on the motorbike as we had to deliver an order to one of Jon’s customers. We travelled via Bedale, Leyburn, Hawes to Kirby Lonsdale and home via Harrogate. A great day!

On Sunday we tootled over to Grosmont Station. There is a gala on at the moment, so it was great to see some of the all time favourite steam trains – including Sir Nigel Gressley. Jon stood on the footplate when he was 10 years old so it brought back many memories.

We had been very busy in the garden that morning – the size of the bonfire indicates the amount of garden pruning we did!

Yesterday we spent more time in the garden but had another tootle out in the afternoon to buy a new radiator for the snug. It will be fit this week, along with the carpet.progress
Oh and guess what? I am off to see Take That on May 28th!
So that is what I have been pottering with – do you potter?
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  1. Blimey you have been very busy haven't you!!

    I know the feeling!

    Some of the pictures of your trips are quite spectacular.

    I too enjoyed the wedding, despite not being that enthused leading up to it, I really got in to all the hype on the day!

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

    Martin and Amy

  2. How jealous am I .... off to Take That .... you lucky girl. x

  3. Love that viaduct!
    Pottering, hmm, spent a whole day making pelmets for my kitchen windows and just as I was geting ready to put the hooks on, I realised I sewed the tape on back to front GGGRRRR!

  4. Pottering..sounds nice and relaxing..but it is really hard work!
    Jane x

  5. I watched the wedding in Waterloo on BBC from beginning til end and on Sunday a blogfriend came from Sidney, she had made this long way only to be in front of the Westminster Abbey. Then she thought Brussels is only 2 h from London with the Eurostar so she came and we had a wonderful afternoon together !

  6. Delightful post this morning, Denise...

    I too watch the Royal Wedding, with admiration and awe. It was so lovely.

  7. I watched a bit of your royal wedding on TV too. We had our own in Swedish a year ago when our crown princess got married.

    That viaduct is really impressive.

  8. Great post. Great photos. You are busy!

    Question: Is that an aquaduct? It is beautiful.

  9. I'm sure the garbage collectors appreciated the effort!

    I was riding my (non-motor) bike on Saturday!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Wasn't the wedding lovely Denise? Well done to you for making the effort with the flag and the bunting.

    I just showed MWM the photo of Sir Nigel Gresley and he recognised it straight away. ;)

    This week I've been trying to get organised for our trip to America on Friday.

  11. You have been busy, haven't you, Denise!!! Great post and pics for the P Day as always! I'm finally moved into my new place and I'm TIRED, but happy! Have a great week!

    ABC Team

  12. I love pottering, - and your week of pottering sounds fabulous. I like the way you celebrated The Wedding Day, - it was all wonderful, but parts of it particularly so, - the music and the reading by Catherine's brother and the trees in the Abbey.

    Hope next week is as pleasant for you Denise.

  13. Over here we putter! I have been puttering around here as well, clearing out the garage (which seems to automatically refill) etc. and enjoying the blooming blossoms :) I love the fact that you are able to tootle off. Must have been great to see the steam trains, and your garland and flag were perfect for the royal wedding. The proceedings started at midnight here so I was able to save it on my PVR and watch it the next night...lovely. Very thoughtful of you to share the sandwiches. Looking forward to your next adventures. Tootle-do!

  14. If that's pottering, Mrs. N, I have to wonder what you do when you're busy!
    Great photos!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  15. It does sound like you have been having great fun :-)

    Some of my ancestors used to live in Grosmont. I remember visiting the church and graveyard to see if I could find out anything interesting that I didn't already know.

  16. The Gresley design is my favourite train, not that I know anything about them, but I love the sweeping lines, so elegant. Your blossom is looking very pretty.

  17. Pottering and puttering is my second name. Sometimes I don't accomplish a whole lots but have a great time doing it.
    Like this post lots Denise.

  18. You seem to be very busy even if you call it pottering!
    Love the idea of the Royal sandwiches for binmen.
    Loved the photo of the bridge. Magnificent shadows,
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  19. Yes - that wedding was wonderful, wasn't it?

    I thought you would be out and about on the bike this weekend - just the weather for it. There were plenty about round here.

    We stayed put and gardened.

  20. Great post! It sounds like you've been busy enjoying various adventures.

  21. Sounds like you've been having a fun and busy time. I enjoyed this post and the photography.

  22. Yes, you have been busy. It sounds as though "pottering" means doing a lot of jobs, but none of them is very big by itself

    Love the bridge and its shadows!

  23. Of course I potter! Don't we all? And we call the binmen "garbage men" and they came today, as a matter of fact. lol You've been up to all sorts of things, considering all the renos, etc. Love the train and you flag is rad! Gosh, I had a good time at the wedding - wore my tiara and ate scones, cucumber sandwiches, and "Royal" cookies! lol

  24. That's all I seem to do lately...potter!

    Sandie xx

  25. What a lovely area you live in ! The train is spectacular.

    cheers, parsnip

  26. Just luv the train !!

  27. We had a live telecast of the royal wedding here and I was glued in front of the tv.

  28. Pottering and tootling. Thank you for introducing two new words to my vocabulary. I love to do both very much. :-)

  29. In my mother in law's town, the rubbish collector comes on Chinese New Year even though it is a public holiday. They enjoy people like you who are generous and give them gifts and cash gifts.

    Watched todays' news, you can buy the whole collection of Kate and Wiil's wedding. You buying them?

  30. I think that partying and celebrating the Royal Wedding is perfectly appropriate and must have been fun....wish I had been there.

  31. Loved the royal wedding. I had Pimms too!

  32. I used to potter around quite a bit, but not lately -- takes up my valuable energy. I do things PURPOSELY now, to stretch back and legs etc. I have 30 mins of exercises I have to do each morning1 A friend from church gave us the flag of William and Kate. We watched the highlights on TV in our hotel room in Boise Friday night. I must say I was impressed and proud. I do hope those Pesty Paparazzi will now leave them alone.

  33. And what a wedding it was! Sounds like you've had a spell of rewarding workings and fun! Good job!

  34. What a wonderful busy week! Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

  35. Love the photo of the train, and lucky you, going to see Take That!

  36. That's much too busy to be called pottering;-)

  37. I want to "ditto all of the above." Denise, you post for P-day calls for a toast to you with a Pimm's Cup! You are as regal as the royals, Mrs. N!


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