Sunday, May 22

It's a first!

Read here!

Never done this before - so it is all very exciting!

With under 2 weeks to go before we go on our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Man we are now taking a rest from the DIY around the house. There is little we can do to be honest as once the Aga is removed and dismantled, the concrete plinth will have to be modified for the Rayburn. This is because the  flu is located on the right hand side of the Rayburn, unlike the Aga where it is central. The flu goes straight into the chimney and as we don't want a flu-pipe on a severe slant we will re-position the stove itself. Jon will have to assemble a new plinth which he will do when we return. Once this has set we will be able to re-position and modify the units.

The Rayburn is due to be delivered 2nd or 3rd week of July and everything will need to be in place by then. Normally I feel quite flat when we return from holiday but this year it couldn't be further from the truth.
I am making plans for our holiday - the pets are all booked into their various places of accommodation and the neighbours are looking after the hens. Over the next few days I will be making copious lists for our holiday and ofcourse I have the Take That concert to look forward to on Saturday - I am very excited about everything coming along - I will just have to exercise a little..............


  1. I love 'Patience' - watching the video just made my day. The concert should be fantastic.

  2. Loved that video. *Patience* is one of my favourites!

    My daughter has recently been to the Isle of Mann and had a good time there. Her mobile didn't work though! I expect you know to have it adjusted before you go.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Will you be seeing Carol while you're there? If so, tell her I'm sending a BIG HUG for her! I'm now back from Alaska and getting back to normal. Will be uploading my photos and sharing them soon. Hugs to you {{{}}}

  4. Hope you have a lovely holiday:-)

  5. Yay for lots of excitement :-)

  6. All sounds brilliant. Enjoy it - in fact wallow in it - you both deserve a break after all your hard work.

  7. Sounds like fun... The Isle of Man has always intrigued me.
    Plus what could be better than the Cabbit myth.

    Take photos for was who are left behind.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. That's clever! :) Hope you enjoy your concert.
    I worked in the IOM many moons ago and loved being there for the TT. I've even done the course, in a car though;)Mo

  9. Have you had a chance to see TT-3D yet?

    If not - I can highly recommend it.


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