Friday, February 3

Friday 3rd February

 Week 6 of 2023!

On the work front :-

Good to note we have a new customer - some injection mould tooling as well as lab specimens. This is what a specimen looks like - On the left is a "tensile" which is used in testing proceedures. The others have names too, a sharpie a dumbell and a creep bar! Glad you asked! 

On the home front I have started the kitchen sort out, aiming to do one cupboard/drawer each day! The tiles are finally happening and I want to make sure there is nothing on the worktops except the toaster and the kettle. Tiler is coming sometime in February so I have something to work towards.

Writing isn't coming particularly easy at the moment - need to focus and clear my mind! Lots of inspiring blogs out there however!

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