Monday, March 2


I have been without a computer for a few days......... here are some key words to play with -
Bing - Bushy tail - glass of red wine - laptop!

Yes. You guessed correctly. Sadly I didn't realise at the time as I was too busy cleaning the carpet, wall and settee. The following morning when I switched on my laptop I knew something was wrong.
I frantically tried to clean the keyboard but it was quite obvious the damage lie deeper within the workings. Frantic research and the laptop battery was removed and all placed in a bag of brown rice in the airing cupboard for a few days.

Meanwhile I have been loaned a laptop so I am back on-line.

Then there is the sad news to share of Eva.

I let the hens out as normal yesterday. We were out for a couple of hours but when I went to lock up the henhouse, whilst the other 3 were inside Eva seemed hesitant and was standing by the open door. I noticed some severe damage to her back - a definite attack. I don't think it was a fox as it would have either taken her away or savaged her. I have no idea where the attack took place. I know around 3pm I had fed the hens some noodles. Only 2 hens came when I called. Mabel was inside the hut laying an egg, Bev and Olwyn were eating the noodles but there was no sign of Eva - as is often the case.
She managed to walk up the ramp to the sleeping area but I knew she would be attacked by the other hens - this is what they do when they sense weakness/injury and I knew it was a severe wound.
I brought her into the kitchen and we settled her in a nice warm box.
She passed away sometime between 4am and 6am as I was checking on  her.

It is a comfort to know that when attacked she made her way home.


  1. So sorry to hear about Eva. xxx

  2. oh that is so upsetting. I am glad she passed away in the comfort of your home. Hope your computer gets well soon!

  3. Gosh, what a sad story, poor little Eva. Hope the rice works! Suzy x

  4. Fleur did the same to our laptop!
    Poor Eva, to be loved,then die in your own home... most of us would like that,I think.
    Jane x

  5. awwww sweet Eva. I am sure she felt comforted by the fact she was safe and warm.
    In the end that is what we all hope for.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Poor Eva. Sorry to hear of this. Hope you get your laptop up and running again.

  7. Oh, I'm sorry Denise. I'm glad she made it home.

  8. Sorry about poor old Eva - one of the troubles with hens is that they seem to give up - they don't make a great effort to try and get better however much love and affection you give them. And yes, I agree Denise, if the other hens sense weakness they can be so cruel.
    Red wine and computers don't go together - will be my mantra in future.

  9. Sorry to hear about Eva. xxx
    Hope the rice and airing cupboard bring your laptop back to life!

  10. I am sorry. I know how you feel about Eva, I am just the same way with mine!


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