Tuesday, March 24

K is for Kladdkaka.

Over the past week I have once again been baking for England. Well actually a baking stall for our village market on Saturday.

When we did our coffee morning the big coffee walnut cake was very popular and went within minutes of being put on the table. Bearing this in mind we are making large cakes and selling by the slice. I have made all the cakes up and they are currently in the freezer, awaiting an icing session on Friday.
So far I have:-
2 coffee&walnut cakes
1 traditional victoria sandwich
1 chocolate  cake
1 lemon drizzle loaf cake
1 chocolate orange loaf cake
1 chocaholic loaf cake

What are favourite cakes out there?

I am definitely enjoying baking, made even more satisfying by the fact my friends Dorothy and Keith had to clear the house of very close relative who died just after Christmas. Peggy was an avid baker and was a member of the WI. I have some of her tins and dishes and an electric whisk. I would like to think that she knows her love of baking is rubbing off on me. 

I have been experimenting and may even do a Nigella version of the Kladdkaka cake.
Watch this space.

Must get back to the kitchen.
My K contribution for ABC Wednesday.


  1. Other than fruit cake (which I don't like but everyone else does, so no temptation to eat it for me) I haven't baked a cake for years.

  2. OOh I am going to dream about home made lemon drizzle cake tonight..

  3. Oh, my! I would go for the Coffee&Walnut or the Lemon Drizzle. Good luck at the market! #20

  4. haven't made a coffee and walnut one in years, must have a go at one soon.

  5. Love the idea of baking for England, though.


  6. last night, a friend dropped a walnut from a walnut muffin. They were good friends enough to joke, you wasted a whole walnut, and the other said, \I will pick it up and give it a wash.

  7. Elder Son introduced me to kladkakka Yum yum.


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