Tuesday, March 10

Injury and Instigation.

Last Thursday  I returned home around 3pm to find black feathers scattered over the back lawn. Following the death of Eva my heart sank as I feared the worse. I spotted Bev hunched up next to her companion from labour days, Mabel. On inspection I saw that she too had been attacked. Brought her into the porch and settled her in a large garden trug. Phoned the vets and got her in at 5.20. The extent of the wound was quite deep - but discussing the options - one being to put her to sleep - we decided she needed a chance. The vet stapled the wound and Bev bless her didn't complain at all. In fact she was quite chatty and toddled round the table.
We knew the next 24 hours was critical. She slept the night in the trug, in the porch and on Friday after a few phone calls I was given this dog cage from the lady who we got Sadie from - she happens to be a dog breeder. She found this cage and has given it to us. It is ideal for Bev - she can walk about and lie in the sun.
Every day we apply cream to her wound and will be taking her back to the vets on Thursday. Fingers crossed!
Meanwhile my other 2 hens are only being allowed out for a couple of hours in the afternoon - when we are about. Today however, the sun is out so an ideal opportunity for me to let them out whilst I potter in the garden.

I mentioned the Village activities not so long ago. Last year a monthly coffee morning took place - the ladies who ran it have stopped doing it now. A neighbour friend and myself have decided to re-launch this monthly activity so are busy marketing and advertising as the very first one is this Saturday, 14th March. I have set up a Liverton Village page on facebook and we are generating a lot of interest. Must dash as I have more baking to do! lol!

Watch this space!

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  1. Wish I lived near enough to come. Good luck to Bev - wonder what attacked her and hope you find the culprit.

  2. If Bev has got this far...I'm sure she's in with a very good chance.
    Jane x

  3. Hello Denise, I'm so glad that Bev seems to be on the mend, maybe you should get another goose to guard the hens, it's baffling to know what has attacked your gals? I hope you rescue some more hens to keep Mabel and Bev company, xx
    Glad to see you're re-launching your village activities, so, good luck with that, love Di xx

  4. I do hope you find out what has been attacking your hens. So happy they are doing well though. The cages seem to be a great help to their recovery.
    The Coffee activity sounds like a terrific plan for getting everyone together.

  5. Not knowing your neighbors I would say a big cat. They like to play with their kill so I think Bev got a chance to give a good peck to the eye ? Dogs will shake and kill something so I don't think it is a dog.
    Maybe ask your friends with chickens.
    Happy to know Bev seems to be doing fine.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I also thought of a cat. One of our cats used to catch frogs or fish., which were always still alive. She called us and threw her prey in front of our feet. I wish your Bev a speedy recovery!
    Wil, ABCW

  7. Oh Denise, I do hope Bev and the others will be OK. And I do hope you find the culprit too.

  8. you've had a very eventful time recently with the hens. glad for the good outcome with Bev.

  9. Hoping Bev pulls through, she certainly looks calm in her cage. xxx

  10. Hope for you they pull through! And wishing you success with baking:)

  11. Hope Bev is soon returned to her normal clucky self.

    Wish I lived closer to attend your coffee morning!

  12. Poor little Bev. I really hope she, makes it. The cage is ideal for her.
    You will lavish her with love and she'll have the very best, so she deserves her chance of life.
    Maggie x

  13. Sounds like you have your hands full...all the best♪

  14. Good luck to Bev - lots of TLC will do her the world of good! And good luck on Saturday!!!!

  15. She seems to be resting well, hoping she does well.

  16. Wishing Bev a speedy recovery. xx


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