Sunday, February 16

Small world......very very small world!

Today (Sunday) we went for our afternoon doggie walk on the beach. This is Bing's second walk of the day and we chose Redcar again - it ties in with our visit to B&Q.

Today Jon needed a new axe!

We usually park up by the Stray Café - but due to the sunshine and drop of windy conditions there was nowhere to park - so we drove on for a couple of minutes and parked at the next carpark.

A white german shepherd trotted over to Bing. I heard his owner shout "Ghost, come here!"
I remembered from our contacts on facebook that one of Bing's brothers was named Ghost. I asked the owner a few questions.......low and behold Bing and Ghost are brothers.


Roxie is Bing's sister (here on lead) trotting along with Elsie, Bing and Ghost!


me at top, Bing, Ghost, Jon and Ghost's owner's daughter!

Small world eh?


  1. Oh, this is wonderful, Denise. Do they live nearby?

    1. 37miles, 59.546km away Kay, in Northallerton.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed Jane - we are going to do it again soon.

  3. Lovely.
    How fun that the brothers met. It reminds me of the James Herriot story "One Woof"
    But I am rather suprised that so many dogs are without leads on the street.
    Your so lucky, in many places in America you can't bring dogs to he beach, people don't clean up after their dogs, so they have been banned.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. There are restricted areas along the beach AP but this was not one of them. This is a new walkway that has been built next to the sea - ideal for the dogs. Some dogs are on leeads but Bing, Elsie and Ghost were great. Roxie, Bings sister had to be on the lead however but as it was an extending one she still joined in the fun.

  4. Such a delight. All such lovely dog-owners and beautiful dogs. You all look so happy -- perhaps because the wind has dropped and the sun has come out.

    1. Yes Chris - amazing what a bit of sunshine can do.

  5. Replies
    1. I know - especially as we weren't planning on going to this spot!

  6. Isn' that absolutely lovely Denise - for Bing to meet up with his family.

  7. What a blessing to have a beach to walk upon!


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