Saturday, February 1

Friendships through dogs.

Back in July I started going to the beach every day with Bing. Previously we had walked up the village lanes with my neighbour, but as the farms and stables became busier it was so much more practical to jump in the car and drive the 5 minute drive to the beach, where Bing had more space and freedom to burn off some of his energy. More importantly, it gave him the opportunity to mix with other dogs.

Whilst there are a few dogs and owners who come down frequently two brothers, with their dogs go every day.

Their dogs are Taz the little whippet,

and Juno the large black Labrador.

Since Julie we have met up each morning and the dogs really play well together. Paul and Al stay for about an hour and the dogs have a really good run around after each other, with other dogs and chase the balls.

At Christmas we received cards from both of them and the dogs of course.

Paul, Al and I have a chat about what we are doing later in the day and any plans for tea. Paul and Al both enjoy cooking and Paul has baked pies for Jon and I, today it was Al's turn to bring some steak pies he had made.....I think it should be my turn next!

A friendship from nowhere...but I always find nice people walk their dogs don't you?


  1. Looks extremely cold! Great photos, though.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww fabulous photos of all the gud dugs !

    I think your mostly right but there is always a few awful ones who don't control here dogs much like their children !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Definitely, we've met some lovely people since we've had our dog, some of them virtually neighbours and enjoy bumping into them on our walks.

  4. oh yes, you're right D. we have met some lovely people some of whom have become quite close friends, just because we were walking with our dogs.

  5. Yes, I agree Denise, dogs are marvellous at being instrumental in starting off friendships.

  6. How wonderful, Denise! I meet lots of people when out with Tegan but get to know the dogs more than the owners. Everyone is friendly but not THAT friendly! Lucky you.

  7. That is an excellent way of making new friends! I think I will have to borrow a small dog and walk it!
    Who am I kidding! I walk all over the place as it is!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  8. Warm friendships but cold weather.
    Glad there is a place for Bing to get his wiggles out and be with other dogs.
    Your new friends seems very special to share their cooking skills with you.

  9. Same with children I think. All the friends I have here have been met through OB's friendships. I never meet anyone out with the dogs so I don't have that pleasure. Lovely that you have though!

  10. Dogs and folks by the sea, heavenly!
    We were up at Sandsend on Sunday doing the same thing and ours loved it too. Good coffee at Neil"s place on the beach, but even more of the grassy bank nearby has collapsed during winter weather and gabions are being installed to stabilise the bank now. King Canute syndrome maybe?

  11. Isn't that the truth? We always learn the dogs' names, rarely the owners.

  12. I don't have any dogs but I can see how you can make friends easily by having them - bit like when my kids were young. My hubby says I don't need any dogs to pick up strangers LOL!!!
    Hope it is a long and lasting friendship with many pies to come!


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