Sunday, February 9

A very different beach outing.

For a change from Skinningrove we ventured a few miles along the coast to Redcar. Whilst it was a windy dry day, the beach was quite deserted and Elsie and Bing had an enjoyable run about. Freida was resting at home as she twisted a muscle last week when out with Bing and whilst she protests loudly at being left at home, we know she needs to rest for a while.

The blot on the landscape - well one of them, has to be the wind farm just off the coast, it can be seen in all its glory as you approach Redcar promenade, so fortunately whilst we knew it was in the background, we still had some lovely scenes to soak up.

The other eyesore has to be the vertical pier - again we deliberately parked where we would not see it. But for the record it looks like this....

It was built to replace this :-

This building has caused an outcry in the borough, especially when it was runner up in the country's ugliest building pole.
Here is the press account.

Modern times eh? I think not, however we enjoyed our afternoon before driving home.


  1. The pier looks like a reel of camera film has burst open!
    Jane x

  2. I agree that pier building is hideous, but I like wind turbines. There is something very powerful and majestic about the big ones that moves me.

  3. That is one spectacularly ugly edifice!! I remember the old building- I had an ice cream there as a little girl, about 50 years ago!!

  4. What strikes me about your photos Denise is how beautifully your dogs blend in with the colour of the sand.

  5. That beach looks gorgeous and your dogs seem to be having a whale of a time!

    I have to admit, we have a lot of wind farms here in the fens and I actually rather like the way they look. Well, lets face it, the fens NEED something vertical in them!

  6. Love the little "footie prints" in the sand.

    cheers, parsip


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