Tuesday, February 11

E is for Eggs.

I LOVE eggs, indeed the main reason we keep chickens is to enjoy the wonderful eggs they produce. I have eggs every day for breakfast :-

Poached eggs on toast

Boiled eggs with soldiers.

I LOVE chopped boiled eggs with left over curries or chilli concarne

Egg and healthy chips - awesome.

Scotch eggs and salad

Slimmingworld Quiche.

This week as part of my challenge I made Egg Foo Yung.

Here is the recipe I used.

4 eggs
Cup of chopped onions
Cup of frozen garden peas
Cup of frozen sliced peppers

Heat frylight in pan and cook onions. Add peppers and peas.
In bowl beat eggs and add cooked veg.
Stir in eggs.
Return pan to heat and add mixture a ladle at a time. Cook until brown and egg is set then flip over.


I also discovered an authentic Chinese chicken and sweetcorn soup recipe. I never realised eggs were the magic ingredient.

1litre chicken stock
4 eggs
Left over chicken
Frozen sweetcorn.
1 tablespoon cornflour dissolved in tablespoon of water.

Pour stock into pan and blend cornflour into mixture.
Heat until thickens then pour in beaten eggs and whisk quickly.
Stir in sweetcorn and chicken pieces heat thoroughly.
Season to taste.

E for Eggs for ABC Wednesday.
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  1. Deliciously exciting! Thanks for the recipe!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  2. We go through DOZENS of eggs at our house! I prefer to buy the cage-free ones, even though they are much more expensive than the regular ones.

  3. I could eat eggs every day!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. When I lived and worked in Vancouver, I loved egg-swirl soup. I haven't seen it out here on the prairie.
    I always envy the colour of the yolks in your fresh eggs. Fabulous. I'm sure you've seen the paste-pale yolks of factory eggs. No comparison.
    Meanwhile, I made a Chinese supper last night, and didn't even think of egg-swirl soup. Must try making it sometime soon, since the restaurants don't have it.

  5. Your hens' EGGS are the best I've ever tasted. I do ENJOY a poached egg on toast, EGG sandwiches in the summer, hard boiled EGGS in a salad or just to nibble on.

    abcw team

  6. I haven't thought of egg fu Yung for a long time. Thanks for Encouraging me to try it again.
    I love eggs too. They are probably the best when they are just fresh laid.

  7. Fresh eggs are so good! Our daughter-in-law brings them back home when she goes to visit her parents. No comparison with pale store-bought eggs!

  8. I do love an egg in any guise and yours look delicious. I must admit its a must for me to have bean sprouts in egg foo yung.

  9. I love eggs too! I have no chickens so just purchase local farmers brown eggs by the dozen.
    I had two over brown rice for breakfast today!
    The soup recipe sounds great, must try!

  10. I too like eggs.
    Of course your eggs look better than the ones I buy at the store.
    I make Hot and Sour Soup but I don't beat the egg in I swirl the beaten egg in.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. I love eggs, too. These egg dishes are all calling out to me.

  12. At last our hens have started to lay again - three this week and we are just about to get some new POL pullets too. Like the sound of eggs fu yung - shall try it.

  13. The ultimate breakfast staple -- how could I have missed this. XD That soup looks really tasty!... plus, I really love corn too!

  14. I love eggs too! Especially with chopped ham. :) Loved the recipes this week!

  15. My hubby thinks they have a food group all to themselves!!

  16. oh, my goodness, all those eggs look delicious, but it's been years since I've eaten any because of my cholesterol count. :(

  17. I love eggs as well. Still remember the eggs we got each day from our chickens - nothing like fresh eggs (even the pecks didn't bother as much)

  18. We eat eggs several times a week for breakfast and on top of salads. Of course, I couldn't bake without them. They are a very versatile food. I see more and more chickens around these days. I think more towns are allowing them. - Margy

  19. Egg-ilicious!! I love eggs! and all those eggs in this post look so delicious!

  20. What a collection of egg preparations you have!
    Very tempting!
    Happy ABCW!

  21. Ooh those eggs look delicious and I'm not even an egg person.. Specially the egg and salad.. Love those colours.

  22. What delicious ways for using eggs!

  23. Eggs are good all rounders, aren't they!
    I often eat cheese omlettes. Not good for my weight/cholesterol though.......... but I love them.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  24. I had a boiled one this morning but not, sadly, from our own chickens. We need more space!

  25. I too love eggs and use them to bake cakes.


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