Tuesday, September 17

J is for Jacket Potato

The Rayburn is now lit and the house is warm. Warming autumn food is called for and there is nothing I like more than a Jacket Potato, Of course in the past I would have lashings of butter and a sprinkling of salt but now I have reached my target weight I don't want the pounds to creep back on so some fillings I am going to be trying are as follows:-

Vegetable Chilli.
I made a wonderful version last night with some left over vegetables I had on the go. (Green beans, cauliflower and carrots) I added 2 stock pots, passata, a tin of mushy peas and a generous spoonful of chilli powder. Was absolutely LUSH!

Tuna, Lime and Coriander.
Mix some fat free natural yoghurt with a tin of tuna and add some chopped coriander.

Garlic Mushrooms.
Cook the mushrooms in frylight and add garlic. Stir in fat free yoghurt. Add any seasonings of choice.

Tuna, Red-Onion and Cottage Cheese.
Cook some chopped red onion in frylight. Mix some fat free cottage cheese with a tin of tuna and stir in red onion.

Coronation Chicken.
Add a teaspoon of curry powder to muller light coconut yoghurt. Add some cooked, chopped chicken.

Any other filling suggestions would be very welcome.

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  1. Like you I love a chilli on top of mine with grated cheese or even leftover lamb tagine or curry. I often freeze the leftovers from these meals and then use them on jacket potatoes on nights when I don't want to cook or haven't time to cook.

    I had coronation chicken sandwiches for lunch today. They were yummy.

    I also like tuna mayo on jacket potatoes and Weightwatchers do some sweet little tins which are just enough for a potato topping. They're a bit expensive, but if they're on offer I buy them.

    1. OOOH yes - forgot the grated cheese. It's a great idea to freeze left over meals - no waste then, which I hate. Will look out for the weightwatchers tins xxx

  2. Proud of your successful weight loss. Keep it going.
    I like jacket potatoes too.

    1. A good choice - cheap too Suzan especially on a dank wet day like today.

  3. You're so GOOD! I'd still crave the butter!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Your recipes sound scrumptious.

  5. Oooh, I love the way the English do jacket potatoes! I just suggested to Lorne we get a can of chili to put on the potato and top it with grated old cheddar, salsa, and sour cream. Yum!

    abcw team

  6. I have always eaten my potatoes plain with a bit pf salt and pepper.
    The way you and Weaver cook your potatoes always sound so good.
    Chop up Broccoli fine, drop of oil or what ever you saute in, some onion, (garlic if you wish), splash of broth cook till tender. Top potatoes add a bit of cheese and put under the low broiler.... yum

    cheers, parsnip

  7. You do inspire me!!! I shall pop out and put a potato in the oven for dinner and top it off with a bit of salsa.

  8. The recipe sounds so easy! when one mention chilli in Asia, it's the red hot chilli, sure to burn the tongue but something we Asians can't live without!!

    1. Chilli can certainly vary in strength lol as I know to my expense.

  9. You're making me hungry, Denise, and I've had all my food for the day. TIme for bed. But I find myself pondering tuna and yogurt for another time. Never would have thought of it, but we always have both readily available in our house. Hmm.

  10. That is such a wonderful meal, low on fa is ideal!

  11. You can tell autumn's here. We had jacket potatoes for tea last night. I'm not as good as you though, I had lashings of butter on mine, naughty naughty.

  12. Your recipes are showing that you are an excellent cook.Thank you! Good choice.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  13. I love my butter and sour cream on my potato--but I love your ideas, hubby would love the mushrooms. I have a wonderful memory of my son who is now 43, saying when he was about 3 or 4--"Mom--why are you eating the package?". I love to eat the skin too. I will always remember that.

  14. they all sound nice. My weight is creeping up again so i'll have to give these a go.


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