Thursday, September 19

Comfort food : Rice Pudding.

One thing which never ceases to amaze me at Slimming World is the originality and strangeness of some of the recipes. I wonder who on earth puts some of the ingredients I was experimenting with a Rice Pudding recipe - using cream soda! One of the gals had tried it out and thought it was too sweet and sickly - so I tried my own take on it, but using lemonade instead of cream soda. I didn't have any pudding rice so tried long grain rice. Basically I put some rice into a microwave dish and topped up with a can of diet lemonade. Microwaved on full power for 10 minutes and checked to see the lemonade had not dried up. I added another can and microwaved for a further 10 minutes then left to stand for 10 minutes then stirred in a tablespoon of crème fraiche. Tasted absolutely gorgeous. Comfort food in a matter of minutes. Tip - use a large microwave dish as the lemonade rises a lot!


  1. I heard of the can of coke over meat - whatever next! :-D

    1. The Diet Coke Chicken is a big favourite with our SW group Kath - haven't tried it yet but must.

  2. I have to say Denise, Slimming World has certainly taught you to be inventive. I shall now try this. I love rice pudding.

  3. Great stuff Pat - SW do a wonderful Tomato Soup recipe too - tastes just like the wonderful Heinz my favourite, but without the additives and sugars - the hidden secret? A pickled onion would you believe. Here is the Recipe together with theone Kath mentioned above - both big favourites at our SW group.

    Tomato Soup
    1 or 2 tins of Tomatoes
    (depending on thickness preferred - experiment)
    1 tin of carrots
    1 tin of Baked Beans
    1 oxo
    1 large or 4 small pickled onions!!!!!!!!!
    1/2 pt of water.

    Throw in pan, bring to boil, blend and thats it! Its gorgeous

    Diet Coke Chicken
    4 Chicken Breasts or 6 Drumsticks (skin and visible fat removed)
    1 can of diet coke
    5 tablespoons of passata
    splash of Worcestershire sauce
    Salt to season
    Frylight or Pam spray

    Preheat oven to 200c of 400f
    Place the chicken in a oven proof dish, sprinkle with some salt and spray with some Frylight
    Pour the can of diet coke in a frying pan and put on a high heat.
    Add the passata and Worcestershire sauce
    Keep on high heat and continuously stir.
    As the coke begins to reduce it will start to go sticky. This is what makes a great barbecue marinade.
    Once it is in it’s sticky form. Remove chicken from the oven and pour sauce over the chicken and place back in the oven until chicken is cooked.
    Take out a few times through the cooking process and with a spoon baste the chicken drumsticks with the sauce.
    A lovely barbecue chicken recipe with NO SYNS. You can use this sauce on ribs, beef, pork whatever takes your fancy.

  4. What an interesting recipe. I might try it myself as I love rice pudding too.

  5. Before we know it you'll be on the telly with Heston.

  6. Hahaha Jessica xxx Will have to get my hair done!

  7. Oh i'm sorry, I can't cope that idea! Glad you enjoyed it though ...


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