Saturday, March 2

Tonight Matthew I will be mostly looking like..............

Patrick Moore!

My glasses were eaten by Bing! Well at least half of them....then hoovered up.
Not looking good. Home Insurance claim.
Whilst he could have chosen Jon's basic reading glasses he went for mine instead.
The vari-focal all expensive ones!

Watch this space! (those who can!)


  1. Another day in Puppyland LOL

    Hey I'm waiting to see your pink hair!

  2. Oooh right Kath xxxxx Watch this space!

  3. puppy law, they always go for the item you love or need the most.
    I always took it of a sign of their devotion because it was mine...'hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    cheers, parsnip

  4. My sympathies - spectacle disasters are a real pain. I hope your insurance company pay up promptly.

  5. One of our girls once knocked a glass of red wine onto the (open and in use) have my sympathies!
    Jane x

  6. Oh dear...did he at least have the courtesy to look a bit guilty? lol

  7. Bing obviously has expensive tastes! ;)

  8. Tess chewed up my mobile phone when she was small. One of life's hazards when rearing a puppy. Hope the insurance pay out.

  9. Eaten! Hope he didn't cut himself.
    On the other hand, everything is fair game to a pup, which I'm sure you know. I have very expensive eye glasses, too, and can't imagine losing them. I can see the computer screen without them, but everything past that is out of focus.


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