Friday, March 8

Mother's Day.

Every Friday I take my MIL shopping. Today I had an overwhelming feeling of grief for my own mum. What I would do to be able to take her shopping, she loved it.
Not so long ago I wrote about mum here and as I re-read the post a few minutes ago I couldn't really alter anything about it.....I miss my mum and always will. Yet I feel her presence around me - certainly I do not have to look far without seeing an object or reminder of mum.
Today I will take Mavis to the library where an old college friend of mine works. We always have a laugh when we talk about days gone by - carefree days of 16 year olds travelling to college on a bus. I must tell you about some of our adventures one time.......there are quite a few over the 2 year period.
After the library is the supermarket experience. No doubt I will bump into people I have known for years and yes we will share laughs again......part and parcel of surrounding oneself with people of the same disposition eh?
Once the shopping is packed into the car we will have a spot of lunch. A new cafe has opened in Guisborough and I hear they do a good to try.

Sunday - Mother's Day itself and the family are here for lunch.
We have a new Marks & Spencer's food outlet here and I am absolutely bowled over by the quality and variety of what they have to offer.....
so the menu looks like this....

Melon starter
Roast Potatoes & Parsnips ala mrs nesbitt's faffing about
Mashed Potato (Adored and worshipped by nephews)
Yorkshire Puddings
Vegetable Bake
Sprouts, Brocolli & Spring Greens
Peach Melba gateaux provided by SIL!
Should be a good one!
We will be raising a glass to mum too.
Enjoy the weekend - here's to mum's everywhere.

By the way - received £10 discount from M&S due to a technical hitch when ordering! Good one eh?


  1. I do empathise. I was missing my Mum terribly on Wednesday - and it is 22 years since she died.

    So glad you can have a family lunch on Sunday- love th emenu!!.

    I was with one daughter last weekend, and will be with the other next weekend - which tops and tails Mothering Sunday quite nicely.

    blessings x

  2. I relate. My MIL is great, but she's not MY mom.

  3. It sneaks up on me sometimes, that sudden, deep grief. My mom's been gone almost 16 years now, how I would love for her to see her great grandchildren-she would adore them!

  4. My Mum is 25 years gone, and still when the grief hits me it is hard. Like your Mum, mine loved shopping, and just reading your post I thought too "what I would give for a little shopping trip with her". I do believe that one day we will be reunited and we'll have a massive trip!
    I love M&S too, and their customer service is amazing. That's from someone who worked in customer service!
    Enjoy your Mother's Day, it will be lonely but it's important to also allow yourself to enjoy the present.

  5. Happy Mother's Day, Denise! And to all the English ladies who will be treated for their day. Our Mother's Day is in May and I always miss my mother - she's been gone 11 years now and never got to see any of her great grandchildren. Oh how she would have loved them. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Yes, today is Rose Sunday...Mothering Sunday. I don't know why we Americans don't have it the same time you guys do!


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