Saturday, March 16

Cancer Research - my little contribution.

Since Race for Life started in 1994, an incredible six million participants have raised over £493million, more than any other UK event series raising money to fund cancer research.

Some of the Race for Life women take part in celebration of surviving a cancer experience. Others take part in memory of a loved one or to give hope to a cancer-free future. But all share a common goal: to raise money for Cancer Research UK's groundbreaking work and to help save more lives.

The money raised so far has been used to fund the work of over 4,000 researchers, doctors and nurses dedicated to helping more people beat cancer.

This year I am taking part in this event, along with members from my Slimming World Group, I am Group Leader. (Race for Life team, not Slimming World!) I am writing to all my friends near and far to ask for support – in many ways.

1. The basic sponsor route where a small donation is made for the event itself. This can be done on-line on our Just Giving page.

The big advantage of this as a UK taxpayer is the gift aid supplement.
You have the facility to remain anonymous.

2. Suggest a fund raising activity we could organise.
3. Help out at any of our activities.
4. Suggest ANYTHING at all which we could try.

Any suggestion or donation will be gratefully received. Please feel free to pass this on to anybody you think may be interested or who may themselves have any suggestions or guidance. Watch this space! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


  1. Good for you Denise! I contribute to the Canadian Cancer Association so will do so again this year with you in mind. I do hope you raise lots as it would be fab to eradicate this horrific disease!

  2. I appreciate your commitment. As a longtime volunteer for the American Cancer Society, I know how important it is for us all to work together to beat this disease.
    An Arkies Musings

  3. Good luck to you on this - such a good cause. I did the Race for Life for several years with my daughters, but getting a bit aged now - though I could walk it, I guess. x

  4. Hello there its Catherine that you met with a Gisborough Hall! I found someone on Saturday who knows you - Martin and Virginia at Woody's. We bought the small childresn wardrobe to rework and cover our boiler in the utility. We have moved the utility wall further into the garage so I can move my workroom from upstairs into the utility. We need the small from bedroom for a nursery as my youngest son and his partner are having a baby in August. Can't wait to 'do' the workroom/utility and then the nursery.......bliss. Woody's is a good shop my brother is doing up a jukebox he got off Martin and I also bought two lovely little teddies. I wish them well and I know I will be back there. So where is the new cafe in Guisborough for future reference and where is the new M&S food outlet - we have one in Northallerton and they have some very good deals on sometime. Love you new companion, my eldest son and his partner are picking up a 5month old balck lab next week, can't wait to meet him. We are taking a touring caravan to a site at Whitby soon so we cna get away some weekends and have breaks.


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