Monday, February 18

Soup Recipe Wanted

When I was a child my nana, aunties and mum all used the same soup recipe. Over the years I have tried to recreate the recipe but to no avail.
I know the recipe contained split peas vegetables and ham.

Can anybody out there shed some light on this dilema?


  1. Could you try googling the ingredients, e.g. split pea and ham soup, see if any promising sounding recipes turn up?

    1. Good idea Jessica. Off to google as we speak. xxx

  2. Is this it? From an ancient Good Housekeeping cookbook

    ½lb split peas
    3pt water
    ½lb potatoes, peeled, quartered
    3 leeks washed, sliced
    3 sticks celery sliced
    6oz diced ham
    chopped parsley/celery leaves to garnish

    Soak peas overnight. Bring to boil, simmer 20 minutes. Season.
    Add all veg, and ham, cook further 40 minutes. Garnish.

    1. Angela - will try this tomorrow. I have split peas in so will soak them tonight.

  3. Sorry no Denise - I can't bear meat-based soups.

  4. No, but I'm afraid even if you had a close recipe it still wouldn't taste the same ...

    1. You are probably right Liz but I will have fun trying. Only last Sunday I said to Jon we should take a flask of soup when we go out on the bike so it would become our own little journey of adventure.

  5. I think Liz is right.
    Even if you had the old, yellowed, barely readable recipe it would not taste the same. Years of eating different food taste buds change. Plus the fact a Mum or Auntie making the soup in a warm kitchen on a cold day, all those memories come into play.
    No one makes a toasted cheese better than my Mum.

    But I do think you could find something close to it and I think it will taste wonderful and it will bring back some great memories.
    This could be a new blog post 500 way to make split pea soup !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. AP I remember the soup was always cooked in a pressure cooker - something I have never owned or even had the desire to own and I think part of the flavour is down to this cooking method. You are right it will probably never be re-created but I will strive on making notes of the various recipes rather than roughly throwing ingredients together - which is my normal method.
      Watch this space!


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