Wednesday, February 13

E is for Eleven.....

Subtitle of my latest library book.
So what has this got to do with the ABC of bringing up a puppy in the Nesbitt household?

Look closer........'s dog EARED allright!
Bing apparently likes to get his teeth into a good book.

Here he is just now....another busy puppy class!

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  1. Oh dear..... what a naughty pup! However, as he's so adorable, I expect he is easily forgiven.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. Uh-oh, let's hope the library assistant is a dog lover. Best take Bing along when you return the book, he will melt the heart of the sternest Librarian!

    1. Kath funny you should say that he met the librarians on Monday and yes he stole their hearts x

  3. Replies
    1. Ah yes OC.........or my slippers, or boots! He does have a shoe "thing!" lol.

  4. Dogs do like to chew! as you no doubt know.

  5. I knew the EARS would find their way into E.
    Hope the library charge is not too painful..

  6. Please,Miss...but the dog ate my book!
    Jane x

  7. Oh goodness! He's still teething and like Tegan, will be gnawing at anything he can get his teeth into. Ice cubes seem to soothe Tegan right now but also makes her pee more! lol

  8. Oh, just an example of puppy love. His face in that photo almost looks wolf-like -- big ears and long nose -- but beautiful brown eyes.

  9. Gosh isn't he growing Denise. Is the book repairable or are you going to have to pay for it? Tess chewed the front off my mobile phone when she was a puppy - but you can forgive them anything can't you?

  10. A literary puppy! He's darling.Hope it's not too much trouble for you to get the library book situation worked out.

  11. She is justgiving it the nibble of approval for you!
    Scooter used to do that but with a muddy paw print.
    I found one in my address book today :) he must havebeen helping me write some cards!

    I'm selling some of my stash in order to help save for a die cutter!
    I'm starting listings on my blog, then I'll move to Ebay later, when they have a 'free listing' weekend!
    Anyway I have started with 17 wooden stamps on my blog today, if yo'd like a look.
    A couple of them are ones you sent me, when I started, some 5 years ago (oh wow is it that long ago?!) I hope you don't mind me passing them on now that I've had fun with them, someone else might enjoy them too now.

  12. "Bing apparently likes to get his teeth into a good book."

    It'll be worth the library fine just for getting that one line into your post!


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