Thursday, February 21

Sod's Law!

Remember this
The bloody thing conked out today - 21st February!

We are in talks with Beko!

Watch this space.

No we didn't take out extended waranty, we never do!


  1. Don't know what a Beko is but I hope it is not the oven !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. AP a Beko is a brand - in our case a washing machine. I have been in touch with Beko and they are willing to look at our case providing we can supply proof of purchase. We paid using our credit card, we have the statement and are hoping Curry's will generate a receipt using the above information. We will be in touch with the credit card company too......will keep you posted.

  3. What a's been a long time since women have had to wash their clothes in the creek. And yours must be frozen now! lol Hope it gets fixed soon!

  4. Oh how utterly frustrating so close to its 1st birthday- hoping Beko take you seriously.

  5. I reckon they're designed that way nowadays... they all come with a built-in, one year kaput timer.

    Funnily enough, I was thinking of getting a Beko fridge and freezer. You've put me off now.

  6. Sorry about that Denise - why are all these things so frustrating. Washing clothes by beating them against a stone might be jolly hard work, but at least it never breaks down.

  7. Oh dear........ that is typical bad luck.
    We had a Beko fridge/freezer. Remember how some of those got into the news because they caught fire? Ours is one digit away from the line that was faulty. It seems to have developed a leak now and we are winding down the freezer & will replace it fairly soon. We had it 6 years.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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