Friday, February 8

Purple is the new magnolia.

We have lived in our current house for nearly 22 years. I would say for 20 years the main colour throughout was magnolia. Then everything changed when I fell in love with these curtains......

When we embarked on the mammoth updating of the house a couple of years ago I used the curtains as the theme and inspiration for the decoration throughout the house.

The most exciting colour I used was Farrow & Ball's Brassica!


We are now working upstairs. The lounge carpet is Aubergine and when we have redecorated all the bedrooms, installed a new bathroom we will be able to have a new hall stairs and landing carpet fitted - and yes it will be aubergine.
The bathroom suite will be white, all the tiles will be neutral but the towels will be purple - various shades of purple. Whilst our current towels are still soft and useable for many years to come the whiteness had faded. I have dyed them all! A frugal saving yet now I have a lovely collection of purple towels! Not a white towel or a magnolia wall in sight!
Watch this space!


  1. It all looks lovely and what a good idea to dye your towels. :)

  2. How fabulous. Thanks for recent comment on my blog. I trust you used Dylon, rather than crushed molluscs, to obtain your new coloured towels!!
    I think a white suite is most sensible for a bathroom because it gives you the freedom to change colour schemes more easily.

    When we are old, we shall dye purple...

    blessings xx

  3. I have a photo Jenny ...trying to edit ..

  4. I have a photo Jenny ...trying to edit ..

  5. One of my favorite colors !
    Fabulous color scheme.

    Being an artist lots of people are very surprised my walls are white, they expect lots of color everywhere.
    But I like my wall white to hang my artwork on and to frame my view which I think of a living painting.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. with all the glorious colours on offer now days, it seems a shame to opt for "safe" magnolia!

  7. It's looking brilliant Denise...

  8. Brave you to dye your towels, I'd be worried they would run in the wash!
    Definitely a white suite is the best; our first home had an olive green one, which we never got around to changing, but it was a nightmare to keep clean-looking!
    Good luck with the rest of your renovations.

  9. I like to keep my walls fairly neutral but now have a nice yellow tone all over except in two of the bedrooms. One is pale blue and the master bedroom is called "Tiramisu" a beigey tone. This way it's a cheap and easy change by using pillows and flowers depending on the season. Yours sounds awesome. Purple tones are my favourites!

  10. nice color combo. we need to fix our bathroom...someday.

    1. Roger, just don't wait until the toilet overflows!! A

  11. Well, being a blue and purple person, I must tell you, the apartment into which we moved last year had some sky blue walls, some sage, some purple (dark). I fell in love! My favorite so far is the sofa cover - looks comfy.

    We have never owned a house, either one of us (both in our 50s) and suppose we will be lifelong renters, so there's only so much one can do... I'm all for shaking things up! Good on you. Love, Amy

  12. You'd get on well with the current Mrs Masher, as purple is her favourite colour. Ouch! Sorry, lilac, I mean lilac.

  13. Love your added colours. I think magnolia definitely needs some additions to brighten things and you have found a great way to do this.
    BTW.... I sent you an email!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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