Monday, December 17

W is for…water and something wonderful!

Hen drinking water

It is important to have a ready supply of water for the chickens. Apparently if chickens do not get sufficient water their egg production and overall health can suffer.
Chickens do not drink as much water during the cold months and ours have a ready supply of fresh water in many places round the garden.
We have had a good supply of rain (understatement over the past few weeks and this when collected in the various buckets and containers we have round the garden are ideal drinking stations for Ernest and the gals.

With only a few more remaining letters of the alphabet left in my ABC of life with the Nesbitt chickens I was thinking about what I could focus on for the next round of this addictive meme...
well wonder no more....for my next ABC Round I will be focussing on the Wonderful addition to the Nesbitt household.....Bing, our 7 week old German Shepherd puppy.

Her arrived home, snuggled inside my coat on Saturday and I can tell you these facts about him to date.....

1. He LOVES Ella the cat's bed, though how long he will fit inside it I can not tell - but it will be fun observing!

2012-12-15 16.23.33

2. He loves to nuzzle up next to wherever we are sitting.

2012-12-15 19.04.13

3. He has a "thing" about slippers!

2012-12-15 21.02.50

4. He loves to sit on our lap....will he turn out to be a lap dog? Only time will tell!

2012-12-16 10.39.36

So - there you have it....hope you are prepared for the amount of photographs, comments and obsevations coming your way!

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  1. Chicken and Bing .... perfect !
    Don't you just love the way puppies fall asleep in weird places and positions ?
    Even today I look at my dogs and wonder why and how can they sleep with their heads hanging over the edge.
    I get a headache just looking at them.
    I am always rearranging their heads and then they just look at you with a "why did you disturb me" ?

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Oh Bing is so cute! I look forward to reading about his escapades. In the meantime, I'd like to wish you and your family a joyous, meaningful holiday and all the very best.

  3. Bing is darling, looking forward to his pictures! Happy Holidays

    w is for..

  4. Great post ~ Bing is a sweetie but most likely to be big lap dog ~ My lab used to try and sit in my lap ~

    (A Creative Harbor ~ aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

    Happy Holidays to you ^_^

  5. I've really enjoyed this round of info on chickens...I never knew they could be almost like pets! But I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing Bing develop!

    abcw team

  6. I think the only difficulty would be finding somewhere without water at the moment:-) The question is what does Bing think of the hens, I wait to learn at the appropriate letter. Happy dogmas.

  7. Ah, WATER; we all need its refreshing taste. Kate, ABC Team

  8. He's handsome, puppies are so cute!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team
    Happy Holidays!

  9. A whole alphabet-ful of Bing. You have my full approval.


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