Friday, December 21

The good, the bad and the indifferent.

Bing is settling in well. He is using the newspaper for his jobs, is getting along well with Elsie and Freida and his overall character is absolutely fantastic. He loves to sleep at our feet and is a lovely little soul to have round the place. He is fascinated by Ella and barks at her - but we are not worried as we know Ella will keep him in his place and remind him who is boss.
Today (Friday) is his 8 week birthday. To celebrate we took him to the vet for his first injection and a dual flea/worm treatment. We received a puppy pack with a free sample of puppy food. We have always fed our dogs a mixture of wet and dry food but with Bing he will be on the Pro plan puppy food.
We have introduced him to his cage - often he will go into it for a lie down. This will be for when we have to go out. We have not really been far since we brought him home as we wanted him to settle in - which he has done. We had thought he would cry a lot when he was first plucked from his original surroundings and his little family, but to our amazement he settled in straight away.

I have managed to catch the flu and have been feeling dreadful for the best part of the week. Jobs which needed to be done have been half heartedly attempted and abandoned. Fortunately Jon is now on his Christmas break and is helping out. He just advised to leave until I feel better, good advice and I am following it. I do feel slightly better today, thanks to a dose of "Day Nurse" by taking it every 4 hours I know it will see me feeling better day by day.

Because I have felt dreadful I had a sense of indifference about certain little niceties associated with Christmas. Each year we have a village carol service in the village pub. This normally puts me in the Christmas mood and it gives me inspiration to do all the christmas preparations with enthusiasm, but I didn't go as my throat was very sore so I missed out on some Christmas spirit. Normally I make my own cards, but this year I could not summon up the enthusiasm or energy to do this normally cheering job. I know many people do start to make cards with plenty of time to spare but because I am not such a person I do mine in December. The long and short of it is I bought this years cards - again without any enthusiasm so when I come to write them out the task lacked any enjoyment because I didn't really like all of the cards, trouble with buying a mixed box I guess. So in January I will sit and make some cards! Infact I think January will be a very crafty month.


  1. Oh Denise, I hope you feel much better soon. Have a relaxing weekend.
    P.S. Bing is still adorable. Jx

  2. So glad Bing is the good bit, Denise, but so sorry you are both bad and indifferent yourself. I'm glad Jon is helpful, though. That must make an enormous difference.
    Rest a lot. Cuddling a puppy is very soothing for throats (place puppy near throat) and listen to recorded carols. Bing might learn to associate Christmas music with cuddling, and expect to hear it year 'round, but he'll get used to the fact that there's all-year music as well.
    Luv, K

  3. I've been doing fine until Monday when I woke up with the sniffles (thanks, Lorne!). It's developed into my chest now and a fever but I think last night the fever broke as I had to get up and change my nightie. I'm still a bit congested but hopefully the worst is past and I'll be able to go to my sister's annual Christmas tea on Sunday and have the whole family on Monday. I'm glad Bing has settled in - you sure know how to train a dog! Hope you and John have a wonderful Christmas - take care of yourself as he might succumb any time now and you'll have to be nurse, too! LOL

  4. Sorry about your bug Denise. The farmer is sitting with his head over a bowl of vapour rub in hot water as I write this. He has had it and it has left hime with the most terrible cough. On Sunday we are hoping to go out to lunch at the Creamery meeting friends - now the forecast suggests we might not get through anyway. Get well soon and cuddles to that dear little dog.

  5. what a little cutie he is. How big will he get?

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


  6. Oh bless!
    If I don't get back before Christmas Denise, I would like to wish you and your family, a very happy holiday, with good health and much happiness for 2013.

  7. Here's hoping you are 100% now and ready for an enjoyable Christmas. Bing looks like he's right at home, so that is a big plus. He's such a cutie. Hopefully Mabel, Ernest and the rest of the crew have a jolly time as well. Merry Christmas to you and all the best for the coming year.

  8. I hope you are feeling better now - flu is miserable at any time but always worse when there's lots to do. I'm glad you're taking Jon's advice and will be better in time to enjoy Chirstmas.

    Bing is delightful - what a little treasure:-)

  9. Sorry to hear about the bad and indifferent but Bing is just gorgeous!


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