Saturday, December 15

Bing is home!

We collected Bing this afternoon. He came home tucked into my coat - his little head and front paws resting on my lapel. Considering it was his first venture out of the comforts of his mother, father, brothers and sisters, he did well. Arriving home we introduced Elsie and Freida to him. All seems okay but we are monitoring the situation. Ella has no use for her luxury cat bed since she discovered the wine hamper last year, so Bing quite happily snuggled in! Here goes this space as I share the moments involved with the new kid on the block!


  1. He's adorable! I hope he settles in well.
    They'll be more pics then...?!
    Love his little white paw. Are the other three the same?

    1. He has 3 white paws and a white fleck on the end of his nose. Pictures? There will be hundreds! lol!

  2. He look like an adorable bit of fluff right now, but I'm sure will grow up to be a gentle giant! Can hardly wait to see more pics. Sending hugs to all!

    1. Leslie - he is - more pics you say! Oh go on then!

  3. Kawaii !
    That is one sweet puppy. I just love when they are little puppies and you can snuggle them in your coat. It doesn't last long though.

    More pictures please !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I hope he doesn't grow up expecting to be snuggled in your coat every winter.
    He sure looks sweet. I want a puppy! An 80-pound Golden Retriever is wonderful, and we might call her "puppy" but she isn't one, not really.
    Looking forward to the hundreds of pictures.


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