Thursday, December 27

Star of the Show!

Christams Day was a great success. The family met Bing for the first time and what a star he was. He loved the attention and behaved himself impeccably.
I must admit I wasn't feeling 100% but the preparation I had done the days before kicked into operation.
The menu was as follows :-


Melon pieces in a orange blossom jelly **


Roast leg of lamb
Roast Potatoes and Parsnips *
Vegetable Bake **
3 root mash **
Brussel Sprouts *
Mashed Potatoes *
Yorkshire Pudding *
Chipolatas **


Cheesecake Scones with Blackberry **
Raspberry Trifle **

** Made day previously
*  Prepared

Everybody ate well and we are just making our way through the leftovers.
The vegetable bake is my take on the ones we get from Marks & Spencer's.
Here is how I make it:-

Half a white cabbage - chopped and lightly steamed.
1 large onion - chopped and lightly steamed.
4 large potatoes partly cooked
2 Big hand fulls of green beans chopped
4 carrots cooked and chopped
3 tomatoes finely chopped
1 cooked cauliflower finely chopped

Stir all together and add 3 beaten eggs, half a pint of milk and grated cheese and season to tastle.
Place in a casserole dish and cook - you will thank me for this recipe it is awesome.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday.


  1. It's impossible to compete with small animals and small humans...

    1. Absolutely Roger lol! Bing has had many admiring comments whenever we take him anywhere or people visit.

  2. Of course he was the star !
    But I think I hear some chickens mumbling and grumbling in the back ground ! Hey what about us !
    I must try the Vegetable Bake. What cheese do you like to use ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Lol! Yes AP you are quite correct - the chickens will be having a mention tomorrow. The cheese I used this time was cheddar - quite a strong one. I added leeks too. Give everything a really good stir to make sure the liquid covers all the ingredients. Let me know what you think. We like lots of black pepper too. Dxx

  3. Raspberry trifle is my favourite thing in the whole world...! Yum...!

    And Bing is the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen. The fellow holding him is cute too. :-)

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and your family, Denise.

    Love, Josie

  4. Methinks there were two stars of the show.

  5. I shouldn't be, but I'm a tad envious, Denise. We have our dear Lindy dog, but there's nothing like a puppy.
    And your menu — no wonder you were tired, but everything sounds so wonderful.

  6. A grand day for all your family, lass!
    And now we all collapse in a heap; puppy on knee for a well deserved rest. Cooking on hold for a bit.
    I thought the nearest M&S was in Scarb., a long way for you. Is there a new one?
    Happy New Year to you all.

  7. What a cutie Bing is. It's a while since I've visited, and my heart was in my mouth whilst I scrolled back, so thank goodness that Freida's ok and that Bing is just an addition to the family. Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Bing is such a furry bunch of cuddles! Your Christmas meal sounds delicious ~ and I hope by now you are back to 100% ~ Next it's Happy New Year time!

  9. Bing and the menu sound a great success!

  10. Right, I shall be trying that recipe!

    Menu sounds awesome. Next year we'll come to you!

    Happy new year to all the Nesbitts especially the newest addition.


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