Friday, November 16


Last night at Slimming World we held a vote for Miss Slinky!
I won!

Was totally bowled over.
Really really touched by the support I received from a group of women who are friends for life - we are all on the same journey.
Some are travelling faster than me - I have been tootling along for 2 years - 3 lbs away from target.
Others have ZOOMED to their destination in a matter of weeks - months.
But I prefer to tootle along......
They say a weight loss is like a journey - so I think about the journeys we do on the motorbike - we rarely use the motorway - what's the point in arriving at the destination in record time?
We prefer the more scenic, slower route - giving us time to take in the scenery, the atmosphere and the lovely people we meet along the way.
Unlike the motorway!

I've been entered for the national final! lol!

Watch this space.


  1. Speechless?
    Jane xxxxx
    PS Congratulations Miss Slinky!

  2. 'Way to go, Denise! I'm struggling to maintain the loss I had last year. Of course having chocolate for desert doesn't help! Give my love to Flamborough. If the sun is shining it should be lovely -- but probably windy. Safe driving!

  3. OMG! Denise, give me such hope as I've been tootling along s-l-o-w-l-y losing weight, too. You deserve this accolade!

  4. Wow!!! congratulations, we look forward to seeng your pic on front of SW magazine - blessings xx

  5. Congratulations Denise! It's took me 2 years to lose 2 stone but 3 years on I've kept it off, which is the main thing. Folk that lose a lot quickly rarely keep it off, so you're right tootling is good. x

  6. Oh well done, Denise!
    Just the incentive you need for the final push.

  7. Congrats Miss Slinky. Slink your way round here one of these weekends.

  8. Many congratulations. I'm also taking the scenic route but have a long way to travel yet!

  9. Brilliant news! What does Mr Slinky (your husband) think?

  10. A big YeeHaaaaaaaaaw from Tucson !

    cheers, parsnip


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