Monday, November 12

My Weakness!

Each week at my local slimming class we have a group discussion based on the week's progress - or lack of it. My fellow slimmers seem to be focussed on chocolate and we have many a laugh when people disclose exactly what they have nibbled away at during any given time. Now I have never been a sweet person - my failing is cheese.

Only yesterday when out shopping Jon picked out a cheese selection. Now I am aware of being in control of the shopping - it is indeed a rare occasion for Jon to come shopping - I prefer to go it alone - usually on a Friday with my MIL, the other Mrs Nesbitt. Even then we part company at the door, meeting by the car to load and return home. I know if I bring home tempting delights it will not do my diet any good and I am so close to target.

Yesterday however I did feel sorry for Jon - bless - he has to eat what I bring home and so if he wanted a cheese selection then why not - he works hard enough. We brought home the selection......... It appeared in the snug at about 8pm and the blue cheese was lush!
I limited myself to a very small amount and didn't make any trips to the good.

There had been talk in the slimming group about Laughing Cow's latest edition....but as ever a weekend scouring the local Tesco's was useless. Today however I tried a nearby Asda - and Bingo! £1 a pack! Well I had to buy 3 only 25 calories per triangle they are GORGEOUS!

 I urge any cheese fans out there to give them a try! (I am not being sponsored by laughing Cow by the Way! Trust me.)


  1. I go shopping with my MIL too and like you we part at the door and meet there when we've both finished. LOL

    I much prefer a lump of cheese (especially blue cheese) to a lump of chocolate. I must look out for some Laughing Cow.

  2. I hate doing the grocery shopping, so I let Lorne do it...he LOVES shopping! And I must say he's getting pretty good at choosing good stuff for me. He also cooks! Yes...he does it all...aren't I lucky? Of course, I do the cleaning up afterwards. Every once in a while, though, he brings home potato chips (crisps to you) and cookies, which I find difficult to resist. But I do try! I must check out the cheese!

  3. Shall give this a try as it is my weakness too Denise. Chocolate I can ignore any time, but cheese is a different matter and it is SO bad for dieters. I always say that if I was on a desert island with only one food I would be hard pressed to choose between cheese and bananas.

    1. Pat - you will LOVE it! Let me know a good day for you and I will pop over with a box for you as a late birthday gift. Dxx

  4. I love these little treat also. I keep a supply on hand for times when I need protein and don't want the extra calories.

  5. Cheese has ALWAYS been the diet breaker for me too (well, apart from wine!). Cooking a meal with cheese in it is the worst. What do you do with the little bit left over? :)

  6. OOO yes, just love laughing cow and red onion sarnies! Haven't seen the blue cheese type round here yet, though, but it will be appreciated. We were up in Sandsend last week for a couple of sunny days, glorious country round your patch. Lv Mrs GH.

  7. Now I can get passionate about any kind of cheese (blue vein and soft *Little Cow* included) and also chocolate. So unfortunately, I don't stand much chance, do I?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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