Monday, November 19

Scam Update!

October 15th Dear customer Thank you for your order.We have shipped out it.It usually takes 7-15 days for shipping.

October 25th Hi - my boots still have not arrived. Regards

October 25th Dear customer, Thank you for your order.We have shipped it out.Here is your tracking number:U110167002 You can track it here: We will track it.Any questions,please feel free to let us know. Best regards! Customer service,

October 30th My boots have still not arrived. Please advise.

October 30th Dear customer Here is another tracking number:RR188811264SE You can track it here You will receive your order in the near future so please wait with patience.

October 31st I have received notification from Deckers Europe Limited and the UK Border Agency informing me that the boots you have sent are counterfeit. I therefore request a full refund. The parcel is currently detained at Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre where it will be destroyed.

November 1st Dear customer, We are very sorry to hear that. We are the legal agent and our factory is a result of a long history of dedication, workmanship and attention to details. So our products are authentic. They are of good quality and low price. And the UK boarder agency misunderstood. We can reship out your order but please DON'T take any further action. Do you accept? Sorry for inconvenience.

November 1st I want a full refund.

November 3rd Dear customer Sorry to hear that. We can refund 40% to compensate you and please file a claim with the UKBA because they misunderstood and are responsible for the loss. Do you think so?

November 3rd I am entitled to a full refund. The total amount.

November 4th Dear customer Sorry to hear that.We can refund 50% to compensate you and please file a claim with UKBA. You know we have spent so much money on these boots (advertise fee , shipping fee, processing fee and the cost of the boots).Hope you can understand, we make little profit from the deal. Waiting for your reply.

November 4th I am entitled to a 100% refund.

November 5th Dear customer Sorry to hear that. We can refund 60% to compensate you and please file claim with UKBA. Thank you for your cooperation,. Dear customer Please respond!!! Sorry to hear that. We can refund 60% to compensate you and please file claim with UKBA. Thank you for your cooperation,.

November 15th We will refund your money. Do you think so? Please respond.

November 15th A full refund. Yes.

November 16th When will I receive my full refund please? Thankyou

November 18th Dear customer We have given you a full refund. Usually, we return money to the transaction bank, then they will return money to the issuing bank (it take 7days to handle it), then issuing bank will return money to your account. The issuing bank control the time , it means when you can receive the money depend on the issuing bank. You will receive your money at last but maybe you need to wait for 1-4 weeks. It depends on your issuing bank. Hope you can understand. So we hope you can inquiry the issuing bank and have a check. Thanks. Please don't take any further action.

I will keep you posted!


  1. Was the letter signed 'regards Del Boy'?
    Jane x

  2. hmm, I'll believe it when I see it!

    1. Agree Kath - fortunately my bank is stomping up the money - but this is part of the process. Beggers belief!

  3. The wording makes me think they don't even speak English well. I sure hope you get your refund and have you reported them to ????? anyone????

    1. Yes Leslie - the UK Border Agency have all e-mails as do the bank.

  4. I admire your persistence in this matter!

  5. Everyone's worst nightmare Denise. Good luck

    1. Indeed Pat! We always think it wont happen to us - but it does!

  6. bwahahahahahahahahahahaha !
    If you really see the check and cash it I will be very surprised !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. So glad you got your money back from the bank. Jx

  8. Love how they were only going to give you 40% back, then up to 50%. I guess some people wouldn't know any different......

    Gill in Canada

  9. Interesting story and warning to us all to be careful, hope it gets resolved.

  10. What a nighmare! Where are they China?????


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