Saturday, November 3

A Scam!


Last year I bought a pair of UGG boots when we were visiting York Shopping Outlet. Jon had been asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I had said I would keep my eyes open. When I saw the boots I certainly liked them and when I tried them on - well they were just so so my Christmas present was sorted. Whilst they are not practical for walking in the dirty weather we have I wear them constantly on all other occasions. I wore them with a dress on Christmas Day last year - apparently they were designed as indoor slippers - so you can imagine how comfortable they are. They are sprayed regularly with a protective treatment and should any particularly difficult stains occur they go for a spell in the boot hospital - our local cobbler who is a dab hand with such matters.

Christmas 2012 approaching and once again I was asked what would I like for a pressie.
My MIL likes to give me money towards something she knows I really when I came across this website
I decided another pair would be ideal - but this time I would go for a leather upper rather than suede.
Boots purchased online and I waited.

But when the postman came knocking, he wasn’t armed with sheepskin-lined Sundance II boots in black, just an ominous-looking letter.

‘Notice of Goods Detained,’ read the missive, bearing the UK Border Agency logo. ‘We have detained your parcel containing “UGG” boots because we believe they are counterfeit, pirated or patent-infringing goods. We have contacted the owner of the Trade Mark, Copyright or Right Holder and asked them to determine whether this is the case.’

second letter was enclosed in the same envelope, from Deckers, the owners of the UGG brand. They’ve examined the boots, confirmed that they are fakes and now plan to destroy them.

‘As the goods are counterfeit and were not purchased from a genuine UGG site we are not in a position to offer a refund,’ it concludes.
I have contacted our bank and have filled in the necessary forms to get my money back. I have forwarded all e-mails to and from the company so now I am just waiting to see what happens!
 Watch this space.


  1. OMG that's terrible. I clicked through to the web site and it looks so genuine; how can they do this? I hope you get your money back and the web site gets closed down by trading standards. Are websites covered by trading standards? I do hope so. Amanda x

  2. Thanks Amanda - yes it looks SO real that's what threw me. I have been reading about the UGG scams out there and it isn't good reading. Cases of cruelty etc etc. Think I'll stick to my one pair - I have some others for winter too.

  3. Oh gosh, I really hope you get your money back too.

    I bought a pair of shorter ones that I DO use as slippers when it gets really cold. They've been subject to all sorts of cooking related spills and always come clean with a bit of work. Several years old now and still going strong. And oh so comfortable and warm.

    It's really difficult these days to know who to trust, but buying on line is just so convenient.

  4. Fingers crossed you will get your refund. My son bought me some FUGS (fake uggs) from next. Not for walking across fields in, but SO warm!

  5. A real problem for consumers and the real UGG people too.

  6. I was interested to read your account because there's been an UGG controversy in Australia for years. They were invented here and some years ago there was a court case because some firm overseas was using the term UGG. I vaguely remember that Australia lost the case and now no longer has the rights to the product. (This is all a vague memory.) The boots in your photo look much more elaborate that the basic UGG.

  7. OMG! I guess it pays to be careful about ordering from websites you're not familiar with. But that website DOES look like the real thing. BUT on my computer there was a pop-up saying the website has a poor rating based on users. Wow! I sure hope you not only get your $$$ back, but also the real thing for Christmas!

  8. I once got caught out by something I ordered online from the US via eBay. It wasn't quite the same as your problem, but I am now very wary of ordering anything that comes from overseas.

  9. Uggh! That company needs given the boot!

  10. Never mind Denise you have your other 7 pairs to wear.LOL you must post a pic of them all.XX

  11. I hope you get your money back from the bank Denise.

  12. This is happening all too often these days. Online companies are taking advantage of sales because it's very easy to make a quick transaction. I always remember my dad drilling into me that you should never part with your money until you have the goods in your hands - he referred more to decorating and large items of furniture, but in this day and age of internet shopping, that just isn't possible anymore. We are constantly being ripped off because it's so easy to get away with ripping customers off now.

    Do hope you get all your money back.
    CJ x


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