Tuesday, October 30

P is for P****d off!

The hens are pretty miffed at the moment! The weather is absolutely dreadful and not in keeping with what they like to do in the course of a day.

British Summertime officially finished on Saturday - not that we noticed it had ever started - but consequently the chickens find themselves going into their henhouse when they deem appropriate - so some nights, now darker much earlier - they can be spotted through the window at 5pm.

They all have their specific places inside but Mabel and Olwyn like to see what is going on!

It is important for the gals to maintain a high PROTEIN diet whilst they are moulting and a particular favourite is Parrot food! It contains a few choice nibbles and they love it.

Hens were always fed leftovers - so in this cold damp weather I tend to spoil them.
I keep all the appropriate left overs, blend the with cooking fat and then fry any bread in this mixture.

The hens LOVE porridge each night, just before I go to bed 
I generally make a large bowl of porridge to which I add the fried bread and parrot food.
By the morning the hens have a lovely combination of all their favourite and protein foods.

It sounds LOVELY for the hens - but I have never tasted it.
All that I know is they eat all their food up,
 go to bed early and the two still not in moult ie Mabel and Eva are laying eggs!
Another day here on planet hen in the Nesbitt household!
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  1. Cold ,blowing a gale...but my pigeons are all tucked up warm and are we. Hoping all is OK with our American neighbours.
    Jane x

  2. poor things I guess they don't understand the change in the clocks? Pouring down here as well and blowing a gale like Jane said.


  3. Planet Hen sounds like fun...not! We're well into autumn now and most of the leaves have blown off the trees. Once in a while the sun comes out and it makes me feel so much better, but it's going to be mostly grey for the duration. And then daylight savings time goes away next weekend so it'll be dark before 5pm then! Ah well, this too shall pass. At least you have 2 fresh eggs each morning! lol

    abcw team

  4. Love the photos of the chickens looking out of the hen house.
    If I read this right, they get the porridge at night and the porridge with fried bread and parrot food in the morning ?
    Gosh raising chickens is very interesting.
    But then I cook for my dogs who are on special diets for health reasons.
    Hoping your Fall is nicer than your Summer.
    Great post today,

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Love the hens looking through the window!
    "Where's my porridge, Mum?"

  6. My girls always had porridge, missing them and the lovely eggs since I've moved. Its just me having the porridge now!!
    Sarah x

  7. Planet hen sounds more like The Life of Riley to me Denise.
    My hens have finished moulting and are now laying again. Their favourite food is whatever lies on the ground round the wild bird tables - niger seed, sunflower hearts, mixed seed, bits of fat balls and various scraps.

  8. I do not think that anybody, except the Scots, is in favour of the clocks going back.

  9. Aw! you really love those hens, they must be very happy little peckers!

  10. What a great Mum you are, your chickens I'm sure feel the love. Our autumn is full on but we have had nice afternoons in the 50's with sunshine. Have a great week.

  11. Your hens are cosseted just like children. I must admit to doing the same for my bunnies in a different kind of way, of course!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Your hens are very lucky to have an owner like you~!

    P is for Project
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  13. Calling by from ABC Wednesday, we used to keep hens but I do not think we spoilt ours quite so much. :)

  14. our own PARROT love PARROT FOOD, too but I think that I would have a hard time getting her to eat PORRIDGE. Kate, ABC Team

  15. I do love to hear about your hens, with their individual personalities and entertaining habits, not to mention eggs! LOL


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