Tuesday, October 16

N is for Noodles!

The hens love noodles and I am spoiling them a bit at the moment.
It would appear that not all are moalting right now, though I feel it is just a matter of time.

This egg was laid by Eve. At the weekend we had about 3 eggs, so I know Olwyn is laying too.

No blue eggs told me Bev had stopped laying and one look at her yesterday
 confirmed she too was moulting.

Here it is evident too that Mabel is still laying - she is always with Ernest.
Olwyn - in the background is showing signs of moulting too.
High Protein snacks and treats are definitely on the menu.
A particular favourite is mealworms and  as the weather has changed I can assure you
the gals will be well looked after....mealworms and noodles...mmmmm!
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  1. glad your gals haven't lost their noodles. and you haven't either, presumably!

  2. My pet pheasant, Ptolemy, is looking resplendent in his new feathers. Positively glowing as he was up on the bird table, stealing the smaller birds seed, this morning. I wonder what he would make of noodles?

  3. It was so amazing to watch them all run to you when you brought out the noodles. They just dug right in!

    abcw team

  4. You know how much I love these chicken posts !
    Do you always know which egg are from which chicken ? I know it is easy to see Bev's blue eggs.
    Did I miss a new video of the chickens with noodles ! I love the old one you posted. Noodles and mealworms yummy !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. I also enjoy your chicken posts, and laughed about the noodles and mealworms. Good stuff, Mrs. N.

  6. Now that is a meal fit for a Queen, noodles and mealworms...
    You give us such a personal look at chickens.
    I never knew they had such a personality.

  7. Noodles! Mmm.. I like them too with stir-fry meat and vegetables. Thanks for your visit. Next time when you are in Holland we should meet. In November I am going to meet Kay Davies and her husband for the second time! I am looking forward to seeing them again.

  8. Neat photos of the 'girls' ~ noodles must be good for the 'molting'? ~ Great post ~ ( A Creative Harbor)

  9. The picture in my mind of hens eating noodles leaves me giggling.

  10. I love noodles.

  11. I love noodles! Love your egg shot!

    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Rose, ABC Wednesday

  12. What a great brood you have there! All with their own personalities. Noodles. I never would've thought that chickens love noodles!

  13. Yum! Meal warms and noodles. LOL!!!

  14. Glad they are feeling better.
    Did you give them EGG noodles. If so, I wonder if they new it!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. I'll have to pass on the mealworms, but I'll take noodles any day of the week!

  16. You definitely have birds with gourmet tastes.

  17. Could eat noodles every day with Asian or Italian dishes, but hubby loves potatoes, so we each compromise:) Looks like the chickens have a great living at your place:)

  18. I love how your hens each have their own personality. I'm not a big fan of pasta of any kind, so you can give them all my share.

  19. We had some noodles just last night, and I was contemplating some again tonight, but now I'm afraid I'd keep thinking of mealworms to go along with, so more noodles might have to wait!

  20. Do you get live mealworms? I get the dried ones for the wild birds, but they are horribly expensive these days.


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