Sunday, October 28

More mouthwatering pictures to wet your appetite!

The weather has been pretty naff of late - we even saw some snow on Friday - so there's one place to be - a warm kitchen experimenting with some new recipes!

Cherry Bakewell Cake

‎5 scanbran,
4, tbls splenda,
1, cherry Mullerlight yoghurt, or half a muller if you prefer drier cake.
1  egg,
4 lids of almond essence,
1 SW Bakewell bar
Fat free yoghurt
Soften scan bran with a little hot water drain excess water if there is any then mash up, mix in remaining ingredients and put in sandwich tin spray with frylight if not using a silicone one and bake in fan oven at 180 % or 200% ordinary oven for 30 mins check to see if cooked by using a fork if it comes out clean and nothing stuck to it...its ready.
Break up SW Bakewell bar and stir in 3 teaspoons of yoghurt spread onto cake and cut accordingly or spoon over pre-cut piece of cake.
Sticky Toffee Pudding

5 scan bran
1 weetabix
1 tbsp. golden syrup syns
1 teacup sweetener
1-2 eggs, beaten
1 sachet of toffee options
Topping 1 sachet of toffee options mixed with Quark
1. Break the scan bran into pieces,  pour on a little hot water to soften.
2. Once soft, mash with a fork. Add the weetabix, sweetener, toffee options and golden syrup. Mix well.
3. Add the beaten egg a little at a time until the mixture is soft but not runny.
4. Spray oven tin/silicone with FryLight. Place the mixture in the tin at bake in a pre-heated oven at 180c for about an hour.
5. Cool off in fridge before removing from tin.
6. Mix options with drop of hot water to dissolve powder then stir in quark & beat. Add to top of cakes.


  1. You made my morning !
    It is like when I read Japanese , I know the word but there is no understanding....
    4 lids
    plus to me a quark is a elementary particle of matter or
    a Star Trek character
    not a food term.
    But after I stopped laughing...
    I know these are all items or terms used in your slimming word diet but I swear it was like reading a foreign language.

    They look very tasty especially with a cup of coffee or tea !
    Great post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Parsnip's spot on. I thought I was going cuckoo...
    But if you've lost all that weight and can still eat food like this.. where do I sign up?

  3. Hope this helps explain gals

    The Slimming World Food Optimising Diet promotes weight-loss through calorie restriction in the diet. Members are encouraged to be active, but exercise is not a formal part of the Slimming World plan. The diet is based on these principles:

    ■Nutritious or filling foods having a low calorie content are termed “free foods” (that is, the quantity consumed is unrestricted).

    ■Higher-calorie foods containing plenty of minerals, vitamins or fiber are termed “healthy extras”, and are recommended to be eaten in 4 small servings daily.

    ■Other foods are measured against a daily allowance based on their “syn values” (coined by Slimming World and short for synergy SYN is actually a re-working of the registered trademark SIN). A total of between 5-15 syns per day is permitted, depending on your goals – 1 glass of wine comes in at 5 syns. Syn values for individual foods are calculated by a proprietary method based on calories, and the values for thousands of foods can be checked on the Slimmers World website by members of the program.

  4. The photos look fabulous. I am still confused as to the language, but am assuming it is English English, rather than Canadian English, which is like a cross between American English and English English, and nothing at all like Australian English and/or whatever they speak in New Zealand.
    But, oh, your photos make syns of henbran (or whatever that was) look absolutely delicious.

  5. I think the technical information was too complicated so have adjusted recipes. Dxxx

  6. Mmmmmmmm ...... my tummy is a rumbling. x

  7. Must have a go at those recipes, sounds delicious and looks delicious!
    Hope all is well in the Henhouse and mabel has stopped going out for a paddle!


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