Thursday, October 11

Green Tomato Curry

It was an outstanding success - so I'll share my recipe.

Large bowl of chopped and quartered green tomatoes
Curry powders of choice
Chilli Powder
3 large onions
Any other veg floating about
2 vegetable oxo's
2 pints of boiling water

In food processor blitz 2 onions together with all dry ingredients,
Add frylight to a pan and add tomatoes. Cook until softish.

Transfer into casserole dish. Add stock & curry paste & chopped onion.
Cook in low oven until tomatoes are very very soft.

Enjoy the smells in the kitchen.
Serve with rice or whatever.


  1. The farmer is not a curry fan Denise - particularly as he says that you can still smell it a week afterwards. I shall have to come over for a helping of yours - it looks delicious.

  2. Sounds delicious. Will give it a try. We have a glut of green toms to use up...

  3. Now that sounds like three days' worth of absolute agony for me! Lucky you, being able to eat such spicy, oniony food!


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